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Capital Deals - ST. PAUL

Capital Deals is not your typical bike shop. We’re totally different from any other bike shops on the planet!

Our shop specializes in commuter, family, and fitness cycling!

You would know as soon as you visit our store or website.

Capital Deals is owned by Alex & Keiko. We have another fantastic employee Daniel. Capital Deals became a Bike Friday dealer because traveling is in our blood. Alex has traveled to 5 out of 7 continents. Keiko is native Japanese. Daniel was raised in Taiwan, studied in Russia, traveled to many other countries on his own.

None of us has done a trip with Bike Friday yet since we just became a dealer this late winter. However, the day will come and we already know that Bike Friday will make our trips much more fun and efficient. Keiko & Alex cannot wait to take the tikits with them next time they visit Keiko’s families and friends in Japan. Japan would be a great place to travel with a bike since their public transportation system is off the hook and you can go pretty much anywhere by train. As soon as you get off the train at your starting point, unfold your bike and just start riding! We will be happy to share the experiences once we have done the trip in Japan!


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