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3 Display Dealer: CLASSIC CYCLE - Bainbridge Island, WA

Classic Cycle for qualifying as a 5-star EnviroStars business! The EnviroStars program recognizes businesses for reducing and properly managing their hazardous waste.

Environmental stewardship is important to Classic Cycle. The shop uses less toxic products such as citrus degreaser and Simple Green. A small amount of solvent is used sparingly to clean certain bicycle parts. This solvent is then recycled through a hazardous waste vendor and properly managed.

Classic Cycle reduces solid waste by recycling all of their paper, cardboard, glass bottles, and aluminum cans. They save all their used inner tubes and bring them to Seattle where a company makes bags out of them. They do the same with used bike chains. They send those to Oregon where a company makes Clocks and Picture frames from chains and bike parts, Classic sells all these new products in their store. To further promote waste reduction the staff encourages customers to purchase rechargeable light systems and batteries for their bicycles. Customers can learn ways to reduce waste as they maintain their bicycles in repair classes offered at Classic Cycle.

At this moment they are exploring the idea of purchasing an electric pickup for deliveries plus putting solar panels on the roof.

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