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1 Full Partner: COLLEGE PARK BICYCLES - College Park, MD

Our pride lies in product knowledge and the keen ability to make good matches of people to bikes - and we’ve done it about 48,000 times without any high-volume sales. Each “match” is one-on-one, and those people who figure us out and get through some of the “obstacles” keep coming back.

We seldom run sales or advertisements. We are usually so busy that there’s not much more we can handle with the degree of service we like to provide and the customers expect. We offer prices in line with local and national trends and generally work closely with our customers to be competitive with many high volume catalogs as well.

We don’t offer any financing, not even the 90-day same-as-cash, or monthly payment plans. We do take several credit cards, do long-term layaways, take anything on trade to help offset costs, and can work creatively with those who might not be able meet obligations for what they need. Although we have no dishes to wash, we have several customers who have “worked off their wheels” over the years both in the shop and on several community service projects.