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Davis Lam and Phil Liggett

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1 Full Partner: BFOLD FOLDING BICYCLES - Manhattan, NY

Since becoming a Bike Friday dealer in 2005 we have helped many customers make their dreams become a reality with bikes that fold! 

In 2011, we were surprised and proud to become Bike Friday's top-selling dealer in North America.

We love participating in the long process from start to finish with Bike Friday customers. We begin by listening to the customer’s needs and working with the staff at Bike Friday to make sure we can meet those needs. 

Waiting with the customer for the arrival of their Custom bike 
and taking care of their after sale service needs are just some of the things we offer with all Bike Friday bikes.

Bike Friday is indeed a great cycling community and I invite you to join us on your road to turning those cycling dreams to a reality.

At bfold Folding Bicycles we believe in building a special one on one relationship with our customers. Very much like the Private Banking service, but in the bicycle world. If you live in Manhattan you can even enjoy the home service we offer south of Central Park for both sales and service.

We began to focus primarily on Folding Bicycles as our traditional bike shop grew too large, with hundreds of products and seasonal demands around summer time.

I am sure you have walked into a bike shop in the summer time, and found yourself talking to a young kid on their summer job that doesn't know much about bicycles, let alone a Folding Bicycle.

We focus our time and effort only on Folding Bicycles and utilize only the few manufacturers we truly believe in that provide superior customer service, and products which are well engineered and high in quality.

Bike Friday is a well engineered bicycle with a superior ride versus most folding bikes. High in quality and backed by helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and energetic staff. Truly a rare combination these days.

I look forward to talking with you about building a Bike Friday to have with you on your adventures, whether across town or around the globe.

David Lam, Owner, Bfold Bicycles

Movie  | Story | Bicycling writer Steve Friedman, and customers Alex and Boris Cantor.

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Bike Friday Test Ride Dealer & tikit Agent


Dear Friends at Bike Friday,

Brought my bike into B/Fold yesterday for my Stem replacement. David spent a lot of time servicing my bike and I am now safely on the road. 

My bike is riding better than ever. In NYC no one gives better 
service than B/Fold. Now if only David would start doing Vespa repairs.

Best Regards
Michael Schiavone

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