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left to right: Rémi, Candice, Patrick, and Willy

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A Test Ride at Kirk's

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Pushys Bike Warehouse

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Mutsuko Nagatsuma owner (front) & Tatsuo Nagatsuma (back)owner, manager and mechanic

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This was taken at the end of a rail trail ride from Bendigo in Victoria

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Mutsuko Nagatsuma visiting the Bike Friday Factory In Eugene, Oregon USA

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 Bike Friday expert, Peter Keast

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PortaPedal Bike is no ordinary Bike Shop!

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Come see us at Velo Sport!

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Bikefold Showroom

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Dylan and and Mark goof it up for the camera.

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Happy Mt Airy Customer Dave McClintock: Thank you, Green Gear Cycling, for doing such an outstanding job building my custom-sized Bike Friday Pocket Gnu.  Once assembled, everything was perfect out of the suitcase - from the fit to the brake and gear adjustments.  I picked mine up on 1/24/2010 at the Mt. Airy Bike Shop in Maryland - John did excellent work in assembling it. VIDEO: Check out Teacher Dave's icy-cool science lesson on a Friday

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Bike Friday Test Ride Dealer & tikit Agent

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Linda riding the Saddle Road, Big Island of Hawaii, with BF Club of Hawaii member JB Friday.

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Davis Lam and Phil Liggett

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Audrey Block (pictured left) and Carol Farr (above) are the Owners of The Cycling Salon.

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Firehouse Cycles is a new Bike Friday Test Ride Dealer

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“Saving the world one bike at a time!”

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Peter (right) checks out the tikitTM with Alan and Sally Hutchison during Bike Fridays visit to Australia - read all about it

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Phil, salesman extraordinaire, off roader;
The Bikeman, general dogsbody, fanatic trigeek, tri coach and bike tour operator, has 40 bikes at home;

Mr Lee AKA Kau Shuk, regular fun road rider, 30 years in the business;
A Sung, mechanic when not in the hospital for head-bashing off-road antics;
Kong Jai, mechanic, little he doesn't know about fixing bikes, also head-bashing off roader.

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Shop manager Yoshida man-san and expert mechanic Takano-san welcome you to IKD 

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Mr. Chiba and a cycle trainer he built at Amanda Sports in Tokyo (population 12 million). Mr. Chiba builds specialized original frames and has been a Bike Friday Dealer since 1996.

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Mr. Ito (center), his wife, and an employee in front of Ito Cycles. Ito Cycles is located in Osaka (population 8 million) and serves the Kansai region of Japan. Mr. Ito has been a Bike Friday dealer since 1996.

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The members of Bike Friday KOREA (BA Sports) are:
MR. CHOI DONG KYOO (Brendon: CEO), MR. LIM JONG HYUN , MR. HWANG WOO KYOUNG , MR. KIM JEA HYUK, MR. SIN KI SUB and MR. BYUN SUNG YEUL. The six of us work together here in a cozy, family-like environment.

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Here is a photo of Girl FreNZy, aka my wife Pamela, on our last off road bike trip around the Coromandel Peninsula (where we live) - a 6 day romp over coastal hills punctuated by endless beautiful beaches.  Classic view of the ancient coastal Pohutakawa trees which line our coast and flower at Christmas time (beginning of summer?!?).

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Josep and family

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