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What Do You Do on a Bike Friday
Vatternrundan 2011

I have just come back from cycling Vätternrundan (pronounced vet-turn-rund-an) which is a 300km (about 190-ish Miles) and is meant to be the largest recreational bicycle ride in the world.  People from all over the world were there. It is one of the Swedish Classics and here is a link in English.

There were super expensive racing machines all over the place and I got a lot of laughs (and scoffs) for riding on a folding bike touring bike with phat tires. OK, I wasn't exactly Lance and I did have to work a lot harder than my friends who were on their road racers, but I did put  quite a few others to shame by wizzing past them on the Lama.

The comment most people seemed to make was that I would be so much slower on a folder. OK, I was slower than those who were on racing bikes and cycling in groups, but I put that down to being on a Pocket Llama touring machine and not a Pocket Rocket racer. Still, 13 hours including breaks etc was not bad and I am very chuffed with my 28kph average speed.

I was very surprised to not see any other "different" bikes at this event except for a couple of bents. Everyone else had pure road machines and I thought how much business you guys would generate if next year you sent over a few of your riders on super fast Pocket Rockets or something similar. Seriously send over a couple of your best guys and gals on their super quick folders and see the orders come flooding in.

I am not one for racing because I don't see the point of wizzing round simply to have a fast time. I'd much rather enjoy the scenery and have a chat with my cycling buddies on the way but different strokes for different folks and all that.  However I just wanted to make Bike Friday aware that there is a HUGE  to increase your brand awareness over this side of the pond.

Thanks again for Silke and my Pocket Lamas and please find attached a photo taken at the end of the ride. That would be me on the left!


Patrick Stevens