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What Do You Do on a Bike Friday

Damian Day with his Pocket Llama in New Zealand

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Damian Day

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Two Wheels Are All He Needs

Bike Friday Pocket Llama owner Damian Day doesn't have any choice really, but that doesn't mean he feels restricted. Hardly.

Damian lives with the neurological condition dyspraxia, a motor skills disorder that limits his ability to plan and complete motor tasks. He's unable to drive an automobile because his hands and legs can't judge the pressures necessary to operate the gas and brake pedals.

Day's travel solution is a bicycle. Not just any bike, but a Bike Friday that allows him the flexibility to bring his bicycle with him almost anywhere.

"I can go more places more easily with my Bike Friday than I can with other bikes," Day says. "With the small wheels and low gears on the bike I find hills are easy -- and there are a lot of hills in New Zealand."

Mobility is key to his life. Day volunteers as a course builder's assistant on the equestrian show jumping circuit that travels throughout New Zealand. He juggles his work as a freelance photographer, selling travel and equestrian photos when he's not shooting as official photographer for the Tielcey Equestrian Park. As he works to establish Damian Day Photography, every penny counts.

"I've been on buses, trains, boats and on a plane, and I have saved over $200 in bike charges," Damian says. His folding Bike Friday fits easily and quickly into a travel case or suitcase, depending on his needs. "When I get on the bus, it's, 'Bike? What bike?' "

Day says that bus drivers in New Zealand haven't exactly embraced bikes. He has had run- ins, and had a bike damaged. With his Bike Friday, he can avoid hassles and confrontations.

"When I want to go somewhere I can just jump on the bike and hook up my trailer and go with no worry about how I'm going to get on the bus or train when I need to use them," Damian says.

As a rider with special needs, Day finds the Bike Friday accommodating. "My Bike Friday fits me better than any of my other bikes that I've had in the past," Day says. "With the low step over the frame, I can easily get on and off without having to look where my legs are all the time. I don't have much body awareness, so I have my shoes clipped to the pedals to stop them from coming off."

Day takes full advantage of his freedom.

"I'm riding around 350 kilometers a week as well as doing everyday stuff like going to the library, mailing photos to clients," Day says. "When I do my food shopping my trailer comes in really handy. Without my Bike Friday I would not be able to live my life the way I do."