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What Do You Do on a Bike Friday -
What Do You Do on a Bike Friday
The "Lost" Boys
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hitting the trail
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the long waterfall
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Tour De Curug Panjang

The tour is to the famous curug (waterfall) located on Puncak West Java. Locals named this beautiful waterfall "Curug Panjang," which means Long Waterfall.

Unlike other waterfalls, where water falls from certain height, water on Curug Panjang falls from close gap of big stepped rocks, creating a unique stream of water and in certain location traps the water in clear greenish of fresh water ponds.

This four-hour tour, 30km distance, 850 mdpl ascent and 7,5km/h average speed, really pushed my New World Tourist.

The sizing and geometry really fit me, and uphill is not a concern. I modified the bike a bit by converting her into 22-inch rims and install Kenda's knobby tires (smallblock eight), it makes journey over single tracks, rocks much easier. looking forward to another tour with my wingman "NWT." Cheers!

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