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What Do You Do on a Bike Friday
Riding in Napier
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Photo by:
Ann Rolett
Flock of sheep in the Catlins
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Rod ROlett
Visiting a Marae
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Photo by:
Ann Rolett
Travels in New Zealand

In 2014, my husband and bought Bike Fridays with us on a three-month trip to New Zealand. We only biked about one month of our three months there. The remaining time, we hiked, kayaked or walked.

We transported ourselves to the different parts of New Zealand mostly via bus and were able to carry our bikes under the bus as a standard piece of luggage -- no extra charge.

We stayed mostly in backpackers (hostels) and when we weren’t using our bikes, were able to store them there. Toward the end of our trip, we discovered that we could ship the suitcases via standard New Zealand post and have them hold them at the post office until we arrived on our bikes.

One of our best rides was between Invercargill and Balclutha in the Catlins, a rural area on the southern coast of the south island. At one point, we ran into a farmer in a truck leading a large flock of sheep between pastures. He told us to keep riding and, when we did, the flock turned around and started going back where they had come from. We felt terrible, but eventually the flock turned around again. When we got to the very back, we discovered a shepherd and two sheep dogs urging the flock forward. Just past them was one confused sheep who had managed to get away.

Another favorite was a ride from Opotiki on the North East coast of the North Island into the Maori tribal lands. At one point, we stopped for lunch near a historic church. After getting the key from the community center and viewing the church, the staff members mentioned that there was going to a practice that night for a Maori traditional song and dance competition.

We asked if we could watch and were invited into the Marae (community center) to observe the practice. Later in the ride, we stayed in a backpacker called the Maraehako Bay Retreat, a Robinson Crusoe like structure built by a Maori man named Pihi.

Some Kiwi (New Zealanders) who had come there by motorcycle kept teasing us about our bicycles. Pihi had given them some fresh fish he had caught and they offered to prepare tea (dinner) for us that evening when we returned from our bike ride up the coast.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but when we returned, the bikers and Pihi had put together an amazing feast for everyone staying at the backpacker and some fishermen friends of Pihi’s including crayfish, fresh fried fish, corn and salad.

We are now planning our next adventure in the southern hemisphere, this time Australia and New Zealand, and definitely plan to bring our Bike Fridays.

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