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What Do You Do on a Bike Friday

Rolling through hte country after the drought has broken and the grass grows high

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Dalton Pub's multi-modal transport options

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Ned & accomplice

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Grazing at Gunning with the locals

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Long necked merinos in the Aussie bush???

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Rolling through the country from Yass to Gunning

Pedal Power ACT, our Canberra bike group runs a weekend tour each year to Binalong, NSW, Australia.

After the last tour we decided to explore the nearby country between Yass and Gunning. The long drought had broken and the grass grew long beside the road, and greener than we had seen in years.

We arrived in a 1 pub town, Dalton, just as the rain and the bush band started up. The pub had a room so we settled in with the locals to enjoy the music. The pub had some colourful and distinctive characters around the bar and outside (the latter was both armed and armoured).

There were also some examples of Dalton's multi-modal transport options, though you would not get far on either of them. The next day we cycled home to Canberra, stopping at Gunning for a coffee with the locals. We also spotted a new species of long necked merino sheep -- looks like they've adapted to reach more of the greener grass on the other side of the fence. Who needs to cycle in search of the greener grass on the other side of the world when this is on our doorstep?

cheers Jeff & Gerda

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