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What Do You Do on a Bike Friday -
What Do You Do on a Bike Friday
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Rocket Pro in Israel

"The Pocket Rocket Pro worked great in Israel.

"I had a number of great rides including some serious climbs and descents, which the Pocket Rocket Pro handles like a champ.

"I capped off the trip with a ride that crossed the country twice in one day, which is about 100 miles.  Went from the Mediterranean to the sea of Galilee and back.

"The heat was awful (got up to 102 degrees Farenheit) but the bike rode great and was pretty comfortable even on that long of a ride.

"The pictures from that trip including the bike at the Galilee, another arriving up to sea level (its about a 1500 feet descent in the Galilee which is like 600' below sea level) and another random shot from the middle of Israel.<br><br>

"I was riding that on Yom Kippur, which is a big holiday over there and almost no one drives, so bikes rule the day and I took advantage of it.

"So very happy with the bike. It's far faster and more stable than I ever expected, and I was surprised I could put 100 miles on it in a day without any problems or discomfort. <br><br>

"Good stuff. And I get a LOT of funny comments on the bike. In Israel I had kids in several villages chase me down wanting to know if it was electric, which I thought was weird considering I was beet red from pedaling in the heat."

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