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What Do You Do on a Bike Friday -
What Do You Do on a Bike Friday
Racing along the shores of Lock Ness
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Climbing the tallest hill of the race along the shores of Loch Ness, At the top of the hill a bag-pipe was being played to mark our highest elevation point.
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Registration for the Monster '08.

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Hybrid and my Pocket Rocket.

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Racing around Loch Ness

In Sepember 2008 I had the fantastic opportunity to go to Scotland as part of a 4-person team who would compete in the "First Monster '08 Team Challenge." Knowing that I would need a racing steed with impeccable traveling pedigree, I went straight to Bike Friday.

Electronically of course.

Over the course of a few days, a few phone calls and a few measurements, a new, customized Pocket Rocket was going into production that would exactly duplicate the dimensions and stance of my daily commuter that literally weighs twice as much.

I only had 2 days and 46 miles on the bike before we raced together for the first time, and the bike performed fantastically. It and I finished 13th out of 154 racers in our leg, and as far as I could see the only one of its kind in the race.

After the awards ceremony I was interviewed by a local radio station who had a reporter that ran and biked the same legs of the race I did. She was fascinated as to how a bike with such small tires could go so fast?

"Good engineering" I replied.

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