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What Do You Do on a Bike Friday -
What Do You Do on a Bike Friday

Marco Werkhoven took his Pocket Expedition to the top of Mount Evans in Colorado.

One Pocket Expedition's Maiden Voyage

Hi Green Gear,

On my 500-mile ride this last August, from Denver, CO to Santa Fe New Mexico, I decided to take a little side trip to Mount Evans.

This Colorado fourteener has a "paved" road to the top. The road is pretty bad (such a waste to pave a railroad track, and to then take the railroad ties out).

But the Pocket Expedition did great. Uphill as well as during the 30 to 40+ mile per hour downhill. The rest of the ride through Colorado and New Mexico was awesome.

And the bike?!? It is just like they say, better then your favorite bike. This Pocket Expedition rode just as nicely as my old touring bike, that really needed replacement after 35-40K miles.

What's next?? Amsterdam to Rome is in the planning..., or will I finally get it together enough to ride that long dreamed about crossing of Australia...

Keep cycling, and have an awesome day,

Marco Werkhoven, Santa Fe, NM

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