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What Do You Do on a Bike Friday -
What Do You Do on a Bike Friday
Jordan, Aurora, and Jason riding together.
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Photo by:
Tina Appling
Before we got the triple bike
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Photo by:
Jordan Gerber
My three neices learning to ride before we did a 4 mile ride.
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Photo by:
Tina Appling
My daughter recently had to show her boyfriend about big bikes, This was his lesson
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Photo by:
Tina Appling
Life with a big bike

I bought the Family Tandem triple bike when I was homeschooling my two kids and my husband was both working full time and going to school full time.

We only had one vehicle. The triple got us safely around town and on a few longer trips. We often towed a large Blue Sky Cycle Cart with us for hauling our groceries, jackets and whatever else.

I enlisted the help of a neighbor and had three kids riding together in a local school parking lot. That was years ago. They still think that was very cool!

Both of my kids love big bikes now and want their own. The bike is great for teaching about large bikes and what fun can be had on them since it is so easily adjustable.

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