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What Do You Do on a Bike Friday -
What Do You Do on a Bike Friday
Bike Friday Chicken Hauler
Just another Bike Friday Mission

Today I found a new use for my Bike Friday trailer system.

The bike goes into a suitcase for airline travel. When you arrive at your destination the bike comes out along with a frame that attaches to the suitcase turning it into a trailer.

I had some pullets (female chickens about ready to begin laying) to pick up in NE Iowa today. I wanted to complete the mission with the airplane but the closest airport had no crew car to borrow.

It was only seven miles from the farm so I devised a system.

Utilizing hose clamps I attached my chicken cage to my Bike Friday trailer frame. Everything fit in the airplane and the chickens seemed to enjoy the ride.

For the flight I covered their cage and they went more or less dormant.

I did get a few strange looks along the highway on the way back to the airport.

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