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What Do You Do on a Bike Friday
Cycling through downtown Joburg coming up to the Nelson Mandela Bridge
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We made it 94.7 klm in 5hrs 20 mins in 53 degree temps
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Gone for a swim in the Indian Ocean Plettenburg Bay
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Cycling in South Africa in the Momentum 94.7

After a year of planning our trip of a lifetime; we entered the Momentum 94.7 -- the world’s largest timed cycle ride with over 35,000 cyclists.

November 2013 saw Pat and myself travel to South Africa from Newfoundland, Canada to enter the Momentum 94.7 -- a ride for a purpose with our Bike Friday Tandem Two'sDay. We chose to ride with the Cows a group of over 400 cyclist dressed in Cow spots to raise funds for children with cancer in South Africa.

We helped raise 3,200,000 rands for the cause on the day. There was over 250 Tandems in our original start group of which we received many looks on our Tandem Two'sDay,, with such questions as do you have to peddle twice as hard? How did manage to bring the tandem on the plane? etc.

The ride consisted of 94.7 km around Johannesburg at 5000 ft. above sea level with a further 5000 ft climb throughout the ride in 35 degrees temperature.

Some of the down hills we reached upwards of 70 km per hour. It was a beautiful day and to ride in suburbia, down town Joburg and on the motor ways with all the roads closed to only the cyclists of the day was an experience we shall never forget.

The Tandem Two'sDay, stood up to all the abuse the airports could give in their travel cases both from traveling back and forth Internationally and regionally throughout the flights in South Africa.

We assembled and disassembled the bike on more than one occasion with little if any adjustments.

We visited Plettenburg on the East Coast with the breeze of the Indian Ocean on our Backs, the Stellenbosch wine regions and finishing off in Cape Town.

In the 2 years we have owned our Bike Friday Tandem Two'sDay, we have traveled throughout Canada, Florida, the UK and now South Africa. I would recommend it to anyone.