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What Do You Do on a Bike Friday -
What Do You Do on a Bike Friday
Lyon's a great place for riding.
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Photo by:
Gay Small
My Llama makes friends near a tunnel enterance.
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Photo by:
Gay Small
In the tunnel on a quiet morning
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Photo by:
Gay Small
The tunnel has amazing lights and music.
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Gay Small
Window shopping on the way home
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Photo by:
Gay Small
An Amazing Bike Tunnel in Lyon, France

I recently had the opportunity to spend several weeks in Lyon, France.

Not only does this city have an interesting history and tasty food, Lyon’s a great place to ride with lots of bike lanes and pleasant paths along the Rhone and Soane rivers.

Its bike share system, Vélo’v (vélo + love), is a popular choice for riding around town, but one must have a chip and PIN credit card to use it.

American banking technology lags behind Europe’s, so taking my Bike Friday along made sense. While exploring the city, I noticed a dedicated bike lane disappearing into a tunnel. Although it was well-marked, I was so surprised I hesitated to ride into it. But what a ride it is!

The city built a 10 m wide 1.8 km long tunnel with bike lanes, a pedestrian lane and a bus lane parallel to the existing traffic tunnel under the Croix Rousse neighborhood.

Lyon is famous for its Fêtes Lumières in December when the city is decorated with creative light projections. They have done this in the tunnel! There is even music. Often the tunnel is filled with commuters and families, but here are several pictures of my bike enjoying it during a quiet mid-morning.

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