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Special Patrons

Bike Friday Boosters
Patrons come in many forms. Angels. True believers. Saints. Bike Friday has been blessed with a holy host of these. Special people whose enthusiasm, commitment and generous spirit has touched us and lifted us and inspired us. These are some of their stories.


John & Colette Miller and their titanium beam, Twin Air Tandem

When Only the Best Will Do

Economics golden boy John wrenched at the Scholz brothers' bike shop in the early days in Fargo, North Dakota. His expertise in dealing with the other kind of 'folding stuff' has helped Bike Friday get to where it is today.  John will ride nothing else but the flagship of the Bike Friday fleet: the titanium beam, Twin Air tandem. This Scholz Bros Dream Bike is personally hand crafted by Co-Founder Hanz Scholz. If you have to ask the price, turn the page, young man …