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Colin Freestone, Cycle Indonesia

I’ve been a BF rider since 2000 and have ridden my BFs all around the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, that spidery shaped island north of Bali, east of Borneo.  Beginning 2009 I’ve led 9 trips with 80 riders on various parts of  the island – South, Central, North and Toraja Land. 13/80 riders are from the States while most of the rest are from Australia and NZ.  Over 40% are ladies and 65% are 50+ years. All of the trips have had a healthy sprinkling of BF riders.

I‘m an Australian. I’ve had 45+ years family, work and recreational association with Indonesia. I’m fluent in the Indonesian language.
Been cycling in Indonesia since 1995.

The Sulawesi trips are cultural immersion adventures off the beaten track that include Indonesian language instruction mixed in with the day’s ride, spontaneous (interpreted) interaction with locals along the way and authentic Sulawesi style Indonesian food.

Current trips on offer are at http://www.cycleindonesia.com.au/.
Next trips are in May and September 2012.


Collin would like to extend a special offer to any Bike Friday Lady cyclist! He is looking to fill a spot for a female roommate on his next trip, 10% discount if you are interested in going on his next adventure.

May trip is to spectacular Central Sulawesi: http://www.cycleindonesia.com.au/central_sulawesi.htm.
This 907 km trip begins in Palu (west side of island) on Sunday 13 May and finishes in Luwuk (east side of island) on Monday 28 May.  Trip takes in the idyllic Prince John dive resort, the rugged central mountain range, pristine lakes, rushing water cascades, paradisiacal islands and serene coastal coconut groves.  Swimming 15/16 days.

September trip to the unique culture of the Torajan people living in distinctive boat shaped houses in villages that nestle in fabulous mountain valleys.
This  648km trip starts in Makassar 2 September and finishes back there 14 September 2012.
Apart from the cycling to and from Toraja Land trip includes thermal pools, traditional villages, mountain trekking, white water rafting and cultural visits in the heartland of Toraja Land.

On both trips optional yoga classes will be held each afternoon. We make a serious effort to provide a genuine Indonesian cultural experience. Testimonials available on the website.
Colin Freestone

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