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How to Travel with your Bicycle
By Alan Bragman

We're delighted to be featured on the front of RoadBikeRider.com's lastest e-book "How To Travel With Your Bicycle" by Alan Bragman, D.C.

Bragman just happens to be a Bike Friday owner, and the book features a generous page on our little wheeled traveling companion.

Naturally we're sharing the limelight with even more cause for kudos — the picture shows Lon Haldeman, unpacking his Friday on the 2004 Peru trip, and was shot by yours truly (a DVD of the expedition is available from Bike Friday).

Finally, RBR itself is owned by Ed Pavelka and Fred Matheny.

Another round of Kool-Aid, folks?


  • 55 years young (which just happens to be the average age of a Bike Friday owner — Ed)
  • Chiropractor for over 25 years; worked as an expert witness and legal consultant in medical malpractice cases throughout the US and Canada.
  • Married to Karen, for 30 years; Karen is an attorney and is the head of litigation at a large Atlanta law firm. They have 2 boys - Adam (22) recently graduated from U of Texas and works in LA for a PR firm, and David (19), Sophomore at the business school U of Georgia
  • Has been riding bikes seriously since 17
  • Raced as a Cat III cyclist off and on for 25 years
  • Was a nationally ranked inline speed skater for several years "until I shattered and dislocated my shoulder in a training accident, I retired from skating after that."
  • Treating doctor at 1996 Atlanta Olympics for numerous athletes in several different sports, many of whom went on to win medals.
  • Medical advisory board member to Bicycling Magazine for over 10 years and also authored several articles.
  • Have written numerous articles and a book for Road Bike Rider Online.
  • Recently finished "How to Travel With Your Bicycle"

And there's more …

"I have been traveling with a bicycle since the 1970s when options were limited and it was very difficult. I bought my first bike Friday shortly after they started the company in the early 1990s; I currently ride a Pocket Rocket Pro. I own 5 bikes and the Bike Friday is my favorite. I am hoping they come out with either a titanium or carbon fiber road bike frame soon! (I sweat profusely while riding and this tears up the paint on my steel frame …)

We travel a lot and I always bring my Bike Friday along. People are constantly shocked when I’m still there at the end of a long hard training ride on that "funny looking bike with the small wheels".

I wrote How to Travel With Your Bicycle so cyclists would realize how easy it has become to travel with a high quality machine. With all the high quality travel bikes currently available there is no reason why cyclists should miss out on their favorite activity while traveling."

Email Alan Bragman: Wise64875@aol.com