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As they prepare for the first morning's ride, Graham Brown explains the days route and reminds everybody Margaret Day's #1 rule -- wear your name tag and don't lose it!

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Canberra Bike Friday dealer Peter Keast (left) Peter Berra stop for some fruit. What a pear!

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The National Gallery of Australia Art Museum in Canberra.

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Kooka Berra having a ball.

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"Sky is the limit"

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The museum has a collection of over 100,000 pieces containing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, as well as Australian, Asian and international works.

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  Peter Keast exploring other dimensions with his New World Tourist.

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Pushy's Bike Warehouse in Fyshwick, (Canberra) AU

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2012 Australian Gathering

Rutherglen was the venue for the 16th Gathering of the Australian Bike Friday Club, and Bike Friday Consultant Peter Berra joined the activities.

"Steve and Bronwen Williams picked me up at the airport and gave me a place to sleep the night before the grand event," Peter said. "Later Peter and Trisha Keast, Bike Friday's newest dealers from Canberra/Fyshwick, attended and hosted me at their home with grand tour of their 3000-plus sqaure foot showroom."

There were about 130 people who came for four days of adventure., including nearly 100 km of riding along Rutherglen/Corowa countryside.

The sign at the entrance to town boasts that although "Sydney might have a good harbour, Rutherglen has a great Port!!"

Graham Brown was main event coordinator, with lots of help from Margaret Day, Bronwyn Laing, Walter Lamond, and many others.

"We raised about $5,000-6,000 for Guide Dog Victoria," Peter said. "Pam Haigh's new pup is Gal Friday."

Peter enjoyed meeting a lot of customers he's known from phone and email conversations over the years.

"It was about two weeks of fun condensed in about 4 days," Peter said. "Then fly home and play catch-up with your eyes crossed."