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The Latest tikit stem UPDATE

You can read the latest updates on the tikit stem Safety Warning on our Update Page on our website.

If you own a tikit and have not registered, please do so here.

If you know someone who owns a tikit, please forward this information to them and have them register.

Thank you.

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20-inch Bike Fridays are SAFE


Bike Friday recommends that all tikit owners stop riding their bicycles immediately because of stem safety concerns. SEE NOTICE HERE

However, this safety warning only affects 16-inch tikit frames. IT DOES NOT PERTAIN TO 20-inch Bike Fridays.

The stem issue is in the fold that is specific only to the tikit.

All Bike Fridays with 20 inch wheels are safe to ride.

If you know anyone who owns a Bike Friday tikit, please direct them to the SAFETY NOTICE, and make certain they fill out the Registration Form on our website so we can keep them updated on the situation.

Thank you,

Alan Scholz, Co-Founder, Bike Friday

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Safety Warning: Do not ride your tikit

September 27, 2012

Dear Bike Friday tikit owners:

It is with much concern that I write to you today. We have found that your tikit could be dangerous to ride. I want to tell you in the strongest terms we recommend all Bike Friday tikit owners to stop riding their bicycles immediately, until we have fully determined which tikits are at risk.

We have learned that two tikit stems have broken. A stem break is a very serious issue. Should your stem break while you are riding it there is a high risk of losing control of your bike causing you to crash with serious injury or even death as a result.

In August, 2012, an owner of a Bike Friday tikit sustained injury when his front stem broke while riding. Earlier this month, in September, 2012, we learned of a second stem failure.

We received the first bike for inspection [the second is still unavailable to us] 10 days ago, and upon reviewing the results of that inspection we acknowledge the potential exists for front stems to crack, and ultimately break.

Because of that, we recommend you do not ride your tikit until we can conduct enough tests to isolate the problem, the extent of its potential for failure, and implement safeguards to make your tikit safe to ride again.

Please visit this link on our website to fill out a registration form so we can keep you updated as we work through this issue. We will  follow up this letter with information on how to inspect your tikit for potential problems.

We are very serious at Green Gear about this. Many of us are regular and extensive tikit users. I have ridden a tikit since the first weeks of production in spring 2007. I rode it to work daily and on tours — even doing several century rides on it until it was stolen last year. My wife and two of my daughters own and ride tikits regularly.

The tikit is an important transportation solution for my two daughters and neither owns an automobile, relying on their bike for most travel. I understand that this will also be true for many of you. I say this so you understand how deeply I apologize for the inconvenience this causes for you not to ride your tikit until we have come up with a safe solution for you.

At this time our engineers and designers have been working to replicate the problem so we can develop solutions. We have stems being tested around the clock. I promise we will share our findings as soon as we have enough information to draw conclusions and offer solutions. Until then, please do not ride your tikit and make sure you register your contact information with us.

This safety warning only affects Bike Friday 16-inch wheel tikits. We have suspended production and delivery of tikits. It does not affect any of our 20-inch Bike Fridays.

I appreciate your patience in this matter. We have nearly 4,000 Bike Friday tikits located around the world, and getting this important message to all tikit owners is our priority. I hope you can imagine the challenge for a company of 33 cycling enthusiasts here in Eugene.


Alan Scholz, Co-Founder, Bike Friday

This is the tikit stem that failed that we have been able to inspect.

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Making a Difference on a Friday

Ryan Sykes, Christine Thorburn and Ted Huang [left to right] at the Veterans Victory Velo charity ride in San Ramon, earning money for the Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Fund.

Bike Friday has been honored to create a partnership with Webcor’s Ted Huang and two-time U.S. Olympian Christine Thorburn, who happen to be two seriously active cycling advocates getting out there and making a difference.

This past weekend they rode in the Veterans Victory Velo. The first annual charity ride benefits the Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation, which supports severely wounded veterans.

“Ryan is a severely wounded Vet and we did the 30-mile ride route with him,” Ted says. ” A bit over three hours, but it really made his day.”

Ted is still getting accustomed to his Pocket Rocket Pro, and Christine cruises on a Super Pro.

“I also started the 100-mile route, which included a run up 3,800-foot Mt. Diablo,” Ted says. “I caught up to a guy on a 12-pound bike with Lightweight wheels right at the top, and he just out sprinted me at the top. I have to say, it is fun to see people’s double take when they see someone 20-inch wheels.”

Next up for this dynamic duo, the Canary Challenge Anti-Cancer Ride on September 29, sponsored by the Canary Foundation.

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American Bicyclist Cover Shot


Check out the Bike Friday tikit on the cover of the September issue of American Bicyclist. Nice.

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Gas Consumption Down in NW

This interesting report by the Sightline Institute reports that drivers in Oregon and Washington are consuming less gasoline.

We think that’s great news for everyone, whether you are on a Bike Friday helping the cause or not.

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The University of Oregon mascot checked out the Bike Friday OSATA that is available to guests of the Inn at the 5th in Eugene.

Our thanks to Ray Schaefer at the Inn at the 5th in downtown Eugene, for catching the University of Oregon Duck checking out their OSATA.

One Question, does that make it an OSATAD [One Size Adjusts to All Types of DUCKS?]

Bike Friday has partnered with Inn at the 5th to offer discounts for guests who come to visit Bike Friday and stay at Eugene’s only luxurious boutique hotel.


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Community Care

Here’s a neat story from our dealer in Santa Rosa, CA.

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Damian Day in the News

Damian Day, photo courtesy of Patrina Hodgson, The Northland Age.


Bike Friday owner Damian Day recently had an article in The Northland Age about his upcoming adventures.

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Victor Vincente Visits

Victor Vincente of America test riding a New World Tourist with the Select Group at the Portland Sunday Parkways in August.

During the Portland Sunday Parkways in August, long-time Bike Friday rider and writer Peter Marsh turned up with a friend he wanted to introduce to the Bike Friday community.

His friend is Victor Vincente of America, one of the best-known American racers in the early 1960s who was a member of the US Olympic team in 1960 and ’64, as well as World Championship and the Pan American Games teams.

In 1979, Vincente  pioneered the use of 20-inch BMX wheels in mountain bikes — because they were the most durable wheels available.

This development earned Vincente and his Topanga bike [see photo below] a place in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. But almost 20 years had passed since he actually rode any small-wheel bike.

“This is a really handy bike, it’s much more maneuverable than the Topanga!” Vincente said after taking a New World Tourist with the Select Group for quick spin around Laurelhurst Park in Portland. He was very impressed with all the high quality components on the Bike Friday.

Vincente has another connection with Bike Friday owners.

In 1975, he turned to ultra-endurance riding, and set a double trans-continental record of 36 days and 8 hours, riding from Santa Monica to Atlantic City and back. (He later changed his name to reflect these achievements.)

Vincente’s record was broken in 1981 by Lon Haldeman, who then won the first coast-to-coast race in 1982, set many other records, directed the Race Across America , and hosts the Bike Friday Desert Camp in Arizona each March.

Lon clearly remembers the halfway point in his two-way attempt when he reached Santa Monica in 12 1/2 days.

“It was almost sundown and I was pretty tired, but I still remember Victor greeting me wearing a green pinstripe jumpsuit. I thought it was a great display of sportsmanship for him to come out and wish me luck,” Haldeman said.

Haldeman went on to complete the Double Transcontinental in 24 days, 2 hours, and credits Vincente with the inspiration to show that it was possible.

Vincente is 71 years old and is still a very active cyclist. He lives in northern California and happened to be in Portland for a couple of weeks visiting his sweetheart Karol Johnson, and training for the National Masters Road Race in Bend.

Victor Vincente of America is a member of the Mountain Bike and Road Bike Hall of Fames.


Victor Vincente of America on his Topanga in 1983.

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