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Seattle’s Best: Finding the Sweet Spot

In general, my rule is simple. When in a city, head for the hills.

More often than not, of course, that means heading out of town. To the country.

That’s what makes Seattle something special.

Wherever I am in or near Seattle, I’m drawn to the city. Because it isn’t really city cycling. At least it doesn’t feel like it.

Memorial Day Weekend in Seattle is busy. In addition to festivals here and there, a few thousand youth volleyball players descend upon the University of Washington and other sites for tournaments. I had two playing.

Still, I managed to slip out for a nice chunk of riding, taking our New World Tourist with NuVinci from Bellevue to our dealer Montlake Bicycles.

First a shout out to Googlemaps, who actually delivered a route I could follow.

Still, it wasn’t long before I was at a crossroads, about to get onto the Mountain to Sound Trail and the I-90 Trail, and wasn’t exactly sure which was which.

Just in time, a fellow on his Felt breezed by. I asked if this was the way to Seattle. He nodded, then slowed.

Maybe it’s just me, but he slowed in a manner that made me think he thought my wheel size might make a difference, not in a I’ll wait for you for a moment manner.

I charged up to him in a snap, and might have snuck up a bit, since he didn’t hear me chink and clink through a series of gears to get up to speed.

We chatted a bit, and he said he’d take me to a point and explain the rest. Then he cranked it up a bit.

I jumped on it, and hung at his side. After a double take, he mentioned he did 75 miles the day before, 3,400 feet of climbing. Hadn’t really recovered yet.

A smirk slipped across my face. Making excuses, now? Really?

We zipped along the path for a spell, then he gave me directions and headed off. I realized the New World Tourist and NuVinci fit in here like a coffee house.

But that was just the beginning.

When I decided to explore Mercer Island a bit, the endless ups and downs of terrain challenged me.

OK, who am I kidding. I was lost on Mercer Island, not exactly sure which way the trail went. But the detour did make me realize a key factor for the NuVinci. I’m in control.

I decide if I want to stand up and crank, or take it easy while climbing in the saddle. I decide, not my gearing.

It took me a while to really grasp this concept. But it became painfully clear, or, shall I say, the absence of painfully clear, as I exited the trail and went for the Lake Washington Loop.

I went from the long flat ride across Lake Washington on the I-90 bridge to climbing a pitch as steep as a staircase.

All it took was a snap of the wrist, and little adjusting here and there, and I managed to keep my cadence right where I wanted it. No tendon popping or chain dropping back and forth. Nope, the sweet spot. Right where I wanted it.

I was in control.

From that point on, Seattle delivered even more than I could have imagined.

I’d forgotten these were the same roads I chased America’s best back in the mid-90s at the National Championships here.

It caught me as I glided through beneath the towering trees, remembering the moment Jeanne Golay exploded from the women’s field and went solo to a national title.

Later, zig-zagging into the residential section, I remember Bart Bowen escorting Kevin Livingston to a national championship.

By the time I hit Montlake, where I left the New World Tourist for Seattlites to test ride until July 15, I was floating on a cloud.

The way I do when I usually head for the hills.

Unless I’m in Seattle.

7 comments May 30, 2012 Kicks Off Season, a Bike Friday Dealer based in Santa Rosa, Calif.,  will be recognized by the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce with a formal ‘Ribbon Cutting’ on Wednesday, May 16 at 11 a.m.

The event will be held at the California Welcome Center at the historic Railroad Square in Santa Rosa. is celebrating the beginning of its first tour season in business as a mobile bicycle rental service, featuring quality hand-built Bike Friday bicycles, handmade in Eugene, Oregon.

Business partners Geoffrey Smith and Camille Armstrong will have on-hand an assortment of rental bicycles for viewing and photographs, as well as their unique
mobile delivery system and shop. The unique folding bicycle capability will be demonstrated.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
10:00 bicycles and mobile shop on display
11:00 event begins
11:30 ribbon cutting and remarks
Geoffrey Smith,
Brad Calkins, Executive Director, San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau
Jonathan Coe, CEO, Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce
12:00 event ends
Nutrition bars courtesy of Clif Bar
Energy drinks
Coffee from 1710 Coffee
California Welcome Center
9 4th Street, Santa Rosa, CA
Metered parking is an authorized sales and rental dealer for Bike Friday® folding bicycles, utilizing a mobile delivery service exclusively. is a proud business member of the Santa Rosa and Russian River Chambers of Commerce, EcoRing, the Santa Rosa Bicycle Coalition, and the RentaBikeNow network. 1% of gross sales are donated to Community Bikes, a non-profit program of Lite Initiatives. View the web site at , call 855.483.3732 toll-free, or write

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Portland Sunday Parkways: A Great Day

A steady crowd enjoyed great weather at the first Portland Sunday Parkways of the season.

By Raz

The hustle and bustle of the day slowly began to wind down under the sizzling, spring sun as the day drew to a close.

With temperatures into the 90s on a stunning Mother’s Day, the heat began to wear a bit on the thousands of riders trolling the streets of Portland.

That’s when Evelyn Kim rode up to the Bike Friday booth along with her seven-year-old daughter Jane.

That’s when the buzz cranked up again.

“We just came to say hello!” Evelyn said, with a wide, bubbling smile on her face. “We just got our Bike Friday in time, and this is our first ride!”

Behind her,  Jane beamed as brightly. They rolled up on their Cream Soda Blue Bike Friday Family Tandem, custom built to fit the unique size of its two riders.

“It’s fantastic,” Evelyn said, “to think that I can be the captain at 4-foot-10 is just great. We’re having a great day.”

The Portland Sunday Parkways program kicked off for 2012 in rousing fashion on Sunday, May 13, with huge crowds of cycling enthusiasts hitting the streets of Northeast Portland.

We had a steady steam of visitors to the Bike Friday booth, both Bike Friday owners and newcomers checking out our bikes and taking them for test rides under the bright sunny skies with temperatures climbing in to the 90s.

The Belt Drive tikits continue to garner a lot of attention as commuters look for a low maintenance solution for getting around town.

The quiet, clean and smooth ride of the Belt Drive system surprises test riders.

But in the end, the day was summed up best by young Jane. She called it, “the greatest day ever.”


Chris Nelson prepares the Family Tandem for yet another test ride.

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Pedal for People

Bike Friday enjoyed a wonderful day at Armitage Park on Saturday, May 12, as we participated in the first Pedal For People Metric Century ride to benefit the Oregon Supported Living Program.

We enjoyed meeting the folks who stopped by our booth.

Bike Friday Co-Founder Alan Scholz rode the course along the McKenzie River, and enjoyed the company of some fun riders.

The Band from Cal Young Middle School led the parade around Armitage Park in Eugene.


The Eugene Emeralds mascot joined in the fun and the parade.


There were all sorts of inventions to help adults with developmental disabilities.

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MS magazine article

Bike Friday owner Peter Scheff sent us this note:

I got an article published in the Momentum magazine (National MS
Society) about my ride in Germany last summer on my bike Friday.  Feel
free to share with the Bike Friday community.

Read the Article here


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Bike Friday Nominated for Award

Bike Friday is thrilled to be nominated as a finalist for the Eugene Cascades & Coast/Travel Lane County Partnership Award.

The award will be presented to a group, business or individual that has worked in partnership with other businesses and / or Travel Lane County to market Eugene, Cascades & Coast as a visitor destination.

Bike Friday is finalist along with the Oregon RV Alliance and the University of Oregon Marketing & Brand Management.

The award will be presented at the Eugene Cascades & Coast/Travel Lane County Visitor Industry Celebration on June 12 at the University of Oregon Ford Alumni Center.

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The City of New York

Long live the World Trade
– Jay-Z

So they did eat, and were filled …
– The gospel of Mark

All right, Coney Island. Ok, you can take the B or the F and switch for the N at Broadway Lafayette, or you can go over the bridge to DeKalb and catch the Q to Atlantic Avenue, then switch to the IRT 2, 3, 4 or 5, but don’t get on the G. See that’s very tempting, but you wind up on Smith and 9th street, then you got to get on the R.
– Kramer

… unless you had children to think about, even the homeless saw it as a step down to leave Manhattan.
– David Sedaris

I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.
– Walt Disney

I think, therefore I am.
РRen̩ Descartes

Thank you Tori, for running in the rain
Thank you the Ritz family, for generous hospitality
Thank you Cara, for fireworks
Thank you Ryan, for food!
Thank you the Hardy family, I’m still here


Jacob Publicover

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Bike Friday honors Bfold

Bike Friday Special Projects Manager Raz congratulates Bfold Bicycles owner David Lam with Bike Friday's Dave Seybert looking on.

We took time out at the Bike Expo New York to thank David Lam for making Bfold Bicycles in Manhattan the top Bike Friday dealer in North America.

Great job to everyone at Bfold. Check them out.

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Sunday ride in New York

While Ruthy Kanagy cycled the Five Boro Tour, Raz took the Carbon Infinity tikit for a spin around New York.

Check out Ruthy’s photos on Facebook.

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Bike Friday in the Big Apple


By Raz

Dave Seybert and I hit New York City for the Bike Expo New York, the show that precedes the Five Boro Bike Ride on Sunday.

The turnout for the first two days at the show has been fantastic, and the excitement over the Bike Friday tikits with belt drives is high.

It’s great to see the look on someone’s face when they’ve taken a belt drive for a test ride for the first time.

Usually they shake their head in disbelief of how smooth and quiet the ride is. We’ve been spoiled. We’ve been riding the tikits all around New York.

We cruised over the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday morning as we rode from Queens down to the Expo. Each night we ride to the subway, fold, jump on, get off, unfold and roll.

It’s given Dave in particular a new appreciation for the tikit, since he hasn’t had a big city experience with it before. Our dealer in New York, bfold’s David Lam, has joined us each day. Lynette Chiang has stopped by repeatedly!. Saturday is the last day.

Come on down!


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