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Mother’s Day Family Tandem

Sunday’s edition of the LA Times published an article on gift suggestions for Mother’s Day, including a Bike Friday Family Tandem.

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Some Inspiration …

Try as we might, it’s nearly impossible to pass along all the wonderful notes, photos and videos that we receive on a steady basis.

That’s part of what makes working at Bike Friday such an invigorating experience: savoring the fruits of our labor.

Here are a couple of the latest entries you might enjoy as inspiration to get out and ride:

Carl Hemmings posted this video on our Facebook page.

We connected you to The Flying Cyclists, Ashley and Laura, earlier, and this video is an update from France.


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Our Bike Friday dealer in Santa Rosa recently received publicity in a nice article about its rental program.

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History and a hot shave.

The East is rich with American history, especially between Monticello (Jefferson’s estate) and Gettysburg. Lucky for me, my wonderful parents decided to fly out to D.C. for a week to join me for a rendezvous with history.

Monticello: Jefferson’s estate. Did you know that all of Jefferson’s cooks were trained in the art of French cuisine?

A replica of the Wright brothers’ successful aircraft. Did you know that they developed their very own wind tunnel to test various Wing and propeller designs?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Did you know that the artist misquoted Dr. King on this memorial? (it is not this quote by the way)

The Washington Monument. Did you know that the first Washington Monument, now in a Smithsonian, was replaced because the public did not respond well to it? (the artist made him look like a Greek god)

The process of a hot shave is quite involved. First, the subject must be willing to participate. As well as the barber (this gentleman has been a barber for over 50 years!) The initial, and final product.

The process: An initial layer of hot shave cream is applied to the face and let sit for a few minutes. A wonderful hot towel is also applied after the cream has time to soak for a bit. A new layer of cream is applied, the subject is shaved, followed by a second heavenly hot towel. Touch ups are made and after shave is applied. Quite a life changing experience if I do say so myself.




Jacob Publicover

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Come Visit!

New World Tourist and Vidae Falls on the East Rim Drive at Crater Lake National Park.

Without question one of the key elements of our 20th Anniversary is celebrating our roots in Oregon.

Bike Fridays have been made exclusively in Oregon since 1992. Why?

Well, nearly 20 years before he started building Bike Fridays here, Alan Scholz visited Oregon and fell in love. Hey, it’s easy to do.

A few years later, he moved here. And the rest is our history.

But what Oregon has to offer, especially to cyclists, is nothing short of amazing.

Our friends at Travel Oregon have been busy this year supporting that.

One of their great efforts is the website If you want to find the best places to ride, it is one great stop.

Today they are launching their new mobile website that will allow you to use a smartphone to access key information, including maps and routes and other great stuff.

Think about it. You’re out there, riding, and wondering how to get back? As long as you have cell reception, you can find your way. Check it out!


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Old Friend

Looking long and hard at my camera, I knew the karmic reality: If I take the camera, I probably won’t get the opportunity I seek. The chance to see an old friend.

I needed to stack the odds. I left it behind.

My mission in the morning rain whittled down to the plain facts. Two years have passed. The final verdict would be handed down today.

It has been two years since I’ve heard him pierce the quiet morning with his hair-raising call that sounds like a steak knife scratched across fine china. Two years since I’ve ridden my bike along the Willamette River, and zig-zagged through his stomping grounds with him making a point to acknowledge my presence.

You might think I’m a little crazy to think that a Ring-necked Pheasant would actually be communicating with ME, but the facts tell me otherwise.

For three years running, as I rode through his spring territory, he would blast a signal in my direction.

The first time he did so, I stopped to watch. While other cyclists rode on past, he ignored them. Quiet as a lark.

A few days later, he greeted me again. At that time I decided it had to be my bright red helmet that got his attention. Or, that he felt was vying for his attention.

I introduced him to my girls on a bike ride, and we videotaped him as he strolled about.

Each of the two years I was unemployed, he would reappear, as if to remind me of the value of perseverance. That the strong aren’t going anywhere. They will endure.

When I would stop to watch for a while, he would disappear into the brush, then reappear. Not really hiding. More like playing.

Then I got a job. And I spent less time riding through his range.

And last year, when I did roll through, I heard nothing. I saw nothing.

As I pedaled on to work, I thought about how life does move on.

Then, this spring, today, I had a stirring. A feeling A hunch.

I haven’t thought much about him in a year. Then I thought last year just might have been an aberration.

So I rode out to find out, knowing, deep down, if he wasn’t there, he probably would never be again.

I prepared myself for that moment. Before donning my helmet, I noted how the years change us.

My helmet no longer has that bright red shine. It’s lost a bit of its luster. Haven’t we all.

As I cruised through his range, the countdown began. Spots where I’ve seen him time and again were quiet, nothing more than the rushing waters of the Willamette filling the void.

As I neared the edge of his range, a flash of red caught my eye. My heart skipped a beat.

There he stood, atop a pile of wood chips. Regal. Majestic. And huge.

Much larger than I ever remember. Although his back was to me, he craned his neck around and looked.

These were typically the moments of hide and seek, where he would slowly disappear into the grass or the bush, knowing full well I was watching.

Instead, he stood tall. Looking right at me. No moving an inch.

I circled around once. Twice. Then a third time.

All the while, he stood, unruffled.

I finally stopped my bike, and stood and stared.

A jogger passed. Then a cyclist.

He and I stood motionless, frozen in time.

Part of me wanted to hear him again. But most of me understood we’ve moved beyond that.

I stepped on a pedal and began to roll. He stepped off the wood chips, into the deep grass.

Until next year, old friend …

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A list of frequently asked questions

Question: How many miles do you ride per day?
Answer: about 60.

Question: what do you eat?
Answer: food.

Question: what is the scariest thing that has happened to you?
Answer: I was chased by five wiener dogs. At the same time.

Question: do you ever get lonely?
Answer: yes.

Question: do you ever get tired?
Answer: yes.

Question: do you listen to music while you ride?
Answer: yes.

Russian: do you ever ride in the rain?
Answer: yes.

Question: Have you ever had to go number two on the side of the road?
Answer: surprisingly no.

Question: have you ever had to sleep on the side of the road?
Answer: not yet.

Question: who is the craziest person you have met?
Answer: myself at mile 45 – singing John Denver to an audience of dead squirrels and frantic caterpillars.

Question: what do people say when they find out what you’re doing?
Answer: exactly what you said when I told you.

Question: are you going to write a book?
Answer: no.

Question: why the small wheels?
Answer: the bike and trailer components actually fit inside that suitcase. There’s this awesome company in the northwest, they do all the manufacturing in Eugene, OR …

Question: do you have to pedal more since you have small wheels?
Answer: no, I just use a bigger gear. (Sadly, I am asked this question frequently)

Question: would you do this trip again?
Answer: a similar trip, yes. I would also have to have a good companion with me.


Shootin some hoops at Duke! Yes, that is in fact a volley ball.

Duram bulls baseball Family in Raleigh, plus friends! My aunt, uncle, and cousins took very good care of me!

Firefighters made quick work of this roadside fire near Emporia, VA.

That’s right folks, it even all fits in the trunk of a Honda accord!

Day at the beach with the cousins near Norfolk, VA.


Jacob Publicover

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PortaPedal props

Our Bike Friday Dealer in Tempe, AZ has been getting some good ink.

Check it out here.

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The picture.

I thought this picture deserved its very own blog.



Jacob Publicover

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Check out our new color module, which can help you decide what color combinations you like best for your Bike Friday.

Simply go to any specific Bike Friday model page, for instance, the New World Tourist Select.

Click on the AVAILABLE COLORS box, and a new Bike window should open up.

Select the frame color you would like by clicking on the color to the left. Then select a decal/cable housing color to match with it.

At this point we only can show a New World Tourist frame. But tikits, Tandems and others will soon follow.

Enjoy! And, as always, tell us what you think!

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