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It won’t be long, and will begin taking registration for 2013 Desert Camp.

Once again, Bike Friday owners are encouraged to joing Lon Haldeman and Susan Notorangelo during Week 3, the Historic Hotel ride.

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Pandemonium for Tandemonium!

The Bike Friday Tandemonium Band won the Judges’ Choice Award at the Eugene Celebration Parade on Saturday!! photo credit: Cameron Yee on flickr



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Triathlon Eugene

Dawn at Fern Ridge Reservoir.

In the predawn darkness at Richardson Park on the Fern Ridge Reservoir you can hear the crunch of gravel beneath bicycle tires, and the speed-dial clicking of a free wheel.

As the sky begins to brighten, the transition area comes to light. Filled with bicycles, two Bike Fridays await their turn.

Kent Anderson, our newest hire, plans to ride a Pocket Rocket on the leg of his short course ride.

Meanwhile, Chaowaroj Wanotayaroj, a student at the University of Oregon, plans to ride his tikit in his first triathlon ever.

Chaowaroj Wanotayaroj waits for the start of the swim with his mother.

In no time, the 7 a.m. start has arrived.

After the swim, it was time for the transition to the bike. First for Kent Anderson.

Time to get out of the wetsuit.


Get on the cycling jersey.Don't forget the socks.



And hit the road.

Next, Chaowaroj Wanotayaroj came in for his transition.

Time for a quick transition.


Get on the tikit.


Fight your way to the front.

Brave the traffic.

And go.

And go.


“The bike worked well,” Anderson said as he embarked on a 25-mile ride. “It was fantastic. When I got on the flat section, I really took off. There was a lot of satisfaction passing others on my Bike Friday.”

Chaowaroj Wanotayaroj said he knows the tikit isn’t the best choice for a 50-mile ride, but for his first triathlon he wanted something he was familiar with.

“It was fine,” he said. “And a lot of fun passing others on a small bike.”

Congrats to Kent Anderson, who won his age group!




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Triathlon Training Bike Friday Style, Part 4

Thom Dodd, Training for an Ironman with his Bike Friday.

(Bike Friday’s dealer is training for an Ironman
in New Zealand, where he plans to compete
on his Bike Friday)
Hi everyone

 To those of you headed out on your 
triathlon in Eugene this weekend, have
a great day!!  

You should end up satisfied on many 
levels, and hopefully will learn
something about yourself during the event.  

The unexpected is about guaranteed 
to surface at some point, so just
know that you will adapt/adjust and 
be fine in the end. There should be
lots of great supportive folks out 
there with you. Be safe and Enjoy.

I had a beautiful winter day on Monday 
and my plan was to ride the
Ironman distance for my long ride.  

I have been gradually increasing my 
long rides, adding about 10%
every third week or so to my previous 
long ride on this buildup,
and it was time for the 180 k ride. 
I actually did 185, with
six - 200 meter hills and five 
-- 100 meter hills, and added
another gorgeous beach village 
to my growing list -- Onemana,
between Opoutere and Whangamata.  

I felt great all the way as I took 
four lunches with me, stopping
for 15 minutes each time, and 
went thru the correct number of 
bottles and electrolytes for my 
needs, so the energy never faltered.  

Now I just have to do it after a 
long swim and before a marathon!!!  

I have five more months to get to 
that point, which is plenty of
time to do my three or four rides 
of 200 kand extend the runs on
my bike/run days, which will be 
fun now that our days
are lengthening and the weather 
is warming up.  

The swimming will kick in soon 
as well, as our ocean usually goes
up a couple degrees with the first  
Northeasterly wind in Sept.

Had another spectacular ride 
Wednesday the opposite direction, 
a recovery 70k ride which made a 
total of 15 spectacular beaches
to punctuate the rides, each one 
rejuvenating me after cycling
over the big hill separating it 
from the last beach.  

And a couple runs on Tues and Thurs, 
so a good week so far.

Again, I want to wish you all the 
best on the weekend.  

Get that Friday out and see where 
it will take you today, whatever
day it is there. 

Cheers from Aoteroa, aka, New Zealand.

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Tandemonium Band Practice

With just a few days left before Saturday’s

Eugene Celebration Parade, our Bike Friday

Tandemonium Band got in a little practice at lunch,

getting creative since a few of the tandems were lent

out for a special event.

Intern PP captaining a tandem with Chris Nelson on trombone.


Julia Findon captaining Jim Haskell on bass banjo.


Yep, that's Damon Vold in the trailer and Michael Macemon on accordian.


Ring around the Dave Seybert and Michael Macemon.

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Triathlon Training Bike Friday style, part 3

Thom and Pam Dodd on the cycle track out east overlooking the Pacific Ocean in New Zealand, 2011.


(Bike Friday’s dealer is training for an Ironman
in New Zealand, where he plans to compete on
his Bike Friday)

We have had an amazing August for triathletes

to train here in New Zealand — the last three weeks

have seen nothing but some of the clearest skies

imaginable, lush green hills set against blue sea

and sky, light winds in these parts, and lengthening

days as we emerge from another mild (North Island,

anyway) winter.

The last couple weeks we have

had the polar express, a veritable

conveyor belt driven by a cyclonic

flow one side and an anticyclonic flow
the other that makes them like egg

beaters driving purified air from latitude

70 degrees near Antarctica to us here

— the air is normally clear,
but this is off the charts!

Needless to say, it is tough to keep myself

inside, and the New World Tourist has been

treated to a few weeks of

The training is ramping up as my challenge is

now only five months away.

Rides over 100 miles now, hills galore, and it is

so stunningly gorgeous out that I hardly notice

anything other than the desire to get out again

once a ride is over.

Running is good too, with the odd ride/run “brick”

workout creeping into my routine.  The ocean is

down to 11 celsius, perhaps its

coldest in my 15 years here, but so clear that

it is still tempting.

But no reason to hurry that along as cycling and

running are what I emphasize in winter anyway.  It

has been mostly “unfold that Friday and let the

beauty unfold before you.”

Anyway, I know you have Triathlon Eugene coming

this weekend, and I want to wish you all a

great final week of “tuning” and resting so

that you are fresh and hungry for the event.

I will try to update this a few times this week

hoping to inspire someone this coming weekend.

It should be a great opportunity to meet fellow

athletes and hear what they have to say. The Tri

community is a great one — we’re all lucky to be

able to be a part of it.

Stay healthy and have a great day next weekend.

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A fun day at Bike Friday with the folks from Savvy Cycling Tours. Here’s a photo gallery.

The middle group had about 80 riders, and began arriving at Bike Friday off the Fern Ridge Bike Path.


After 35 miles of riding, they dug into refreshments.


It so happened that we had one of the hottest days of the year, just for Savvy.


It didn't take much coaxing to get some to try a test ride on a Bike Friday.


Our Bike Fridays held up to some serious scrutiny.


After some tours and treats, it was time to check out the map for the route back to the Hilton.


(L to R) Bike Friday's Kent Anderson, Savvy Tour's Wayne Broadhag and Bike Friday Co-Founder Alan Scholz.

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Savvy Cycling Founder’s Day Ride

Kent Anderson leads the medium group on the road.

      It has been a long time coming.

We’ve been waiting, and planning, and waiting.

It’s finally here.

Way back last fall, a group of scouts for Savvy Cycling Tours stopped by our Factory Showroom. They were checking out Eugene as a possible destination for their 2011 trip.

They got the Factory Tour by our Showroom Host Kirk Toy. And, they decided that Eugene would be a great place to spend a week cycling while enjoying an Oregon summer.

Since then, we’ve made some plans for this group of 135 that have come to Eugene.

The highlight is today, the Bike Friday Founder’s Ride.

Alan Scholz greets the Savvy cyclists at the Hilton.

Co-Founder Alan Scholz is the ride leader. Alan plotted out three courses around the area: One for the experts, one for intermediate and one for those just out for some fun.

We have three Bike Friday ride leaders, one for each group. All three rides end here at the Factory Showroom where we will have refreshments, and will offer Factory Tours.

A group of about 80 riders prepares to head out on the Founder's Ride.

The group of more than 100 cyclists meets at the Hilton.

Group photo outside the Hilton.


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Triathlon Training, Bike Friday Style (Part 2)

Thom Dodd, cross training with his Bike Friday.

(Bike Friday’s dealer is training for an Ironman in New Zealand, where he plans to compete on his Bike Friday)

Since my last blog, I have had some amazing rides (about 600 km worth of winter riding at its best!!)

The days have been cold so no problem overheating, clear (and in New Zealand when it is clear there is nothing, absolutely nothing in the air), sunny and most importantly mostly dry.

My long ride (164 km) last week took me to an additional beach, Pauanui (paua = the NZ Abalone, nui = big, although the species here is considered big at about 4 inches whereas the species of abalone I used to snorkel for off the north coast of California are small unless over 7 inches).
The day was so stunning that the distant Pinnacles to the west looked as if I could reach out and touch them.
All in all I went over six hills of more than 200 meters, returning to sea level between each, and several more of 100 meters plus.
It was a great ride, and very quick even though I had switched to a larger rear tyre for winter riding conditions.

Two days later my usual weekly 80 km ride was in even better conditions, where the islands 30 kms out to sea looked as close as the fields I was pedaling beside.

I tacked on an extra 10 km with a jaunt on a metal road (that’s what dirt roads are called here) out of Kuaotunu connecting Gray’s and Ring’s beaches — Rings beach baches (a bach is a beach home for people who have to live elsewhere) have the feel of being from another planet where time stands still and is really a slice of paradise.
The week before I had to travel to a friend’s north of Auckland, so I rode early on leaving day and headed over the 200-plus meter Tairua hill and then the 400-plus meter Kopu-Hikuai road to Kopu — the road goes over the highest point on the 200 km race called the K-2, which is held here in October.

I got to the Kopu bridge 5 minutes before my wife and our 10-year-old friend, which gave me time to break down my New World Tourist to throw in the boot (what they call the car’s trunk here) for the rest of the day — only 70 km for me, but had no time for more.

Set the bike up for a gorgeous ride to Long Bay through all of the little beach towns on the East coast of the North Shore, which is the area north, across the harbor, from Auckland.

A superb ride – so thankful to have such a portable bike.

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Tandems are Family

         Bike Friday is more than a family business for the Scholzes.

That’s because cycling is part of the fabric of their lives.

Alan Scholz, co-founder of Bike Friday, cracks a wide smile when he thinks about today’s cutting edge cycling publications that are geared toward young families. Magazines like Momentum and Bicycle Times.

“These are the kids who grew up in Burley Trailers,” says Alan, the man who designed the Burley Trailer in the ’80s to transport his daughter Hanna as they lived a car-free life.

“Now they have kids of their own, and they have cycling in their blood. It’s part of their life and they want it to remain part of their life –- and their children’s lives.”

While Bike Friday has built an international reputation with its travel and folding bicycles, tandems always have held a special place in the company’s DNA.

Bike Friday General Manager Hanna Scholz (captain) and Co-Founder Alan Scholz (stoker).

When Alan and his brother Hanz decided to try their hand at designing bicycles, their first creation was the Burley Duet Tandem.

The brother duo raced tandems, and put their designs to the ultimate stress test.

That knowledge is built into every Bike Friday tandem.

         All Bike Friday tandems break down and fit into two TravelCases for airtravel.

And the Bike Friday Two’sDay folds to conveniently fit in the trunk of most sedans or the back of an SUV.

“There is great utility in our tandems,” Alan says. “But more than anything, they are built to be legacy tandems. They are built to last and to be handed down from generation to generation.”

When Alan’s youngest daughter, Sarah, came along, Alan designed the Bike Friday Family Tandem. He quickly learned the magic of a tandem.

“Sarah was only four years old and we had it under the tree for Christmas,” Alan remembers, noting that the stoker seat was set for a child –- one of the benefits a Bike Friday tandem can offer. “When we came out, she was already sitting on the stoker. Even a young child can see it’s right for her.”

The Bike Friday Tandem XL Select is set up as a great mix of components to give you the best ride at the best price.

Tandems are a Family Affair at Bike Friday.

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