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Chicago Tribune talkin’ Cargo Bikes

Bike Friday's Peter Berra and his daughter riding through the water hazard. Not even that could dampen their enthusiasm.

Bike Friday’s Peter Berra and his daughter riding through the water hazard. Not even that could dampen their enthusiasm.

The Chicago Tribune is out front on the Cargo Bike trend as it relates to families with kids;


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Haul-a-Day offers solution


Here’s a blog post from Ride Adelaide Cyclists in South Australia about choosing the Haul-a-Day as a solution to transport children.

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Haul-a-Day Kickstarter is ON!

The Haul-a-Day Kickstarter campaign has begun. Support our cause.

The Haul-a-Day Kickstarter campaign has begun. Support our cause.

If you’d like to support Bike Friday’s new Cargo Bike, the Haul-a-Day, check out our Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds.

The Haul-a-Day allows an entire household to be human powered with one size-adjustable bike. There are several great cargo bikes on the market that focus on carrying very heavy loads with one strong rider in mind. The Haul-a-Day enables riders of all sizes to enjoy an agile ride with a cargo capacity rivaling the heaviest cargo bikes.

Our early testers say that the Haul-a-Day is a world-changing bike. Your support will help us make more Haul-a-Days available faster at a better price while keeping production in our Oregon factory.

The Haul-a-Day is unique:

  • Adjustable in size, it fits riders 4’6″ to 6’4″ (135 cm to 195 cm) so friends and the whole family can ride it.*
  • Extremely light and agile starting at a breakthrough 32 pounds (most cargo bikes start at 40 to 50 pounds or beyond), its compact size makes it easy to store. It’s a great everyday bike when you aren’t hauling anything, and a fine expedition touring bike or tour leader’s bike.
  • Much more suitable for smaller, shorter, and lighter riders than any other cargo bike. The standard model is rated for riders up to 220 pounds (100 kg) and cargo loads up to 200 pounds (91 kg)  and a frame upgrade is available for up to a 260-pound rider and 300-pounds of cargo.
  • Built with 20″ wheels front and rear: the center of gravity is lower providing greater ride stability; the maintube of the frame has a low step-over height for easy mounting and dismounting even with heavy loads; the wheels accelerate more easily from a stop without compromising ride quality.
  • Stands upright on its rear end for easy compact storage.
  • Fits on many transport racks: bus, car, and train.
  • Custom built with your choice of 14 colors and equipment, gears from 8 to 72 speeds, your choice of handlebar style, and more.
  • Built by hand in Eugene, Oregon USA! Building bikes using lean manufacturing in the USA allows us to listen to our customers and incorporate improvements into every new bike we build.

* The adjustable main tube has four size options and the handlebar stem and seat mast can adjust several inches.

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Haul-a-Day Quick Review

Adam Newman at Bicycle Times has a Bike Friday Haul-a-Day that he has been riding for a review in a future issue.

Here is his first take on the bike, which he says:

“Bike Friday says it wasn’t looking for outright cargo capacity when it designed the Haul-A-Day, rather it wanted something that was slightly smaller, more maneuverable, more manageable for women and smaller riders, and can fit a wide variety of users. I think they’ve checked all those boxes, as it fills the void nicely between a normal city bike and my massive Surly Big Dummy. Think of it as a two-thirds-sized long-tail. The 20-inch wheels are super strong and keep the weight down low. Being able to step through the frame is also a lot easier than swinging a leg over when it’s loaded down.”

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Roadtreking on a Friday

Mike Wendland, who writes a popular blog for RVers, became a Bike Friday owner at the Family Motor Coach Association Reunion in Redmond, Oregon.

Mike wrote a bit about it on his blog in the section with live reports.

And, later, Mike filed this great video on You Tube about his first impressions.



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Celebrating 80

Our friends at Adventure Cycling posted a neat story about Bike Friday owner Lou Schweickart celebrating his 80th Birthday on the Southern Tier route.

Check out his Bike Friday!

Happy Birthday, Lou!

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Book review: Riding with Reindeer

Of course, we loved the book “Riding with Reindeer” beginning with the cover photo!

Here is a nice review of the book. Enjoy.

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Lifestyle commercial

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We just received this neat note from Bike Friday owners Rich and Amanda Ligato:}

Hey Bike Friday Folks,
A few weeks ago an ad agency contacted us to ask if we’d be interested in allowing them to make a vignette commercial about our early retirement for Nationwide.  They wanted to include some footage of us on an adventure, so we suggested we ride our Bike Friday’s.  They filmed it here in Southern California.  The road scene is in Earthquake Canyon near Joshua Tree and the water scene is at the Salton Sea.  They used this amazing $100K drone copter camera to get the overhead and aerial shots.
We thought you might be interested.
Here it is on youtube:
Happy Cycling!
Rich & Amanda Ligato

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Another Haul-a-Day post


hauladay.webHere is the second great post about our soon-to-be-released Haul-a-Day.

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Sneak Peek of Bike Friday’s Cargo Bike

The Bike Friday Haul-a-Day will be compatible with Xtracycle deck accessories.

The Bike Friday Haul-a-Day will be compatible with Xtracycle deck accessories.

We’ve been showing off the beta version of our new Cargo Bike, the Haul-a-Day.

Here is a great blog from someone who checked it out in Seattle in March

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