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Specs For This Model
  • 27 speeds
  • Dropbars
  • Capreo hub
  • Bar-end shifters
Pocket Crusoe Capreo Sport 27
Pocket Crusoe Capreo Sport 27
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This Crusoe Capreo Sport has 27 speeds with dropbars and bar-end shifters, with a Capreo hub to give you a wide range of touring gears.

The lightweight Crusoe is quick and agile, and offers a real roadie ride.


2a Main frame: 08.0 Crusoe 1 1/4, 2" butted (130-190lbs)
2b Fork: 15.1 Crusoe 3/4"ST x .035 StGa 1 1/4 butted THREADLESS
2c Rear end: 1.7 Crusoe 04 left fold (406V)
2d Seatmast: 02.0 Pro/Crus/SilkRd/Petite Left fold-mast .035x 1 1/4"
2e Risers & BF Custom stems: Fit Stem Program 1 1/4" for production use 25.4-26.0
Accessories: Engraved Name Plate -bike comes w/custom engravd name plate
Bars: Dimension Split Drop CHOOSE (40,42,44) 4bolt
Bar Tape & Grips: Black Cork Bar Tape
BB bearing: Shimano Tiagra 4600 68 BB cups, external, english
Bottle Cages: Bottle Cage , Cateye Flexible
Bottles: BF 21oz. water bottle white w/black lid - black logo
Brake Levers: Tektro RL520 Silver/Black Linear pull Ergo Aero Levers
Brakes: Shimano Acera M422 V brake Fr or R oem
Cables: Cable - Housing Black std w/ Decals Black or White
Cassette: 9-26 9sp Shimano Capreo Cassette
Chainring, Inner: as comes on crank (see base crank profile)
Chainring, Middle: as comes on crank (see base crank profile)
Chainring, Outer: as comes on crank (see base crank profile)
Chains: KMC X9.93 9sp 116L, NP/DARK SILVER chain
Cranks: Shim Sora CHOOSE 50-39-30/130/74-9-Sd (165,170,175mm)
Derailleurs Front: Shimano Sora F Derail Braze Triple, 30-39-50
Derailleurs Rear: Shimano Tiagra 10spd 4601 GS Long Cage 32 max
Electric Assist: This Model has Electric Assist kit available as upgrade
Headset, Threadless: 1 1/4" BF Threadless cartridge, alloy, black
Hub Front: Shimano Deore Front 36o Black qr
Hub Rear: Shimano Capreo 36o rear FH
Miscellaneous: Ti Easy-Pack-mast system is available on this model
Packing Materials BF: Packing & handling for shipping-Included in price
Pedals: yNone supplied std. Choose if you want us to supply
Rims: Alex DM18 (406) 24o 20 x 1.5" Silver
Saddle: y NONE SUPPLIED - add if you want us to supply
Seatpost: Uno 27.2 x 350mm SP Silver
Shifters/Controls: Shimano Dura Ace 9 x 2/3sp Bar Cons
Spokes: Spokes DT 14 ga. Stainless w/ brass nipples
Tires: Schwalbe Durano folding 20 "x 1.10" (28x406) 115psi, folding
Travelcases: Shipped to you in box OR Choose Travelcase
Tubes: 20x1.125-1.5" SV (406x32-37)


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Overall Experience Rating:
Steve got his Crusoe by Friday!

The "DC Flyer": my Enno-orange Pocket Crusoe, was indeed duly delivered before a Friday - just before a 90-mile, camp-over short bike tour west on the Great Allegheny Trail. When delivered, the fork tips on the bottom of the seat mast were bent slightly out of their plane. This could have ruined my day, but a call to Bike Friday customer service got me quick help to carefully do the minor bending needed myself. A short while later the bike was together and I was out the door for a test ride.

Wow. This thing glides like Clyde Drexler through the lane. Back to my maiden bike tour. The Crusoe handled my 25+ pounds of gear on the rear rack like it wasn't even there. The trail was crushed gravel, and the Friday sailed smoothly along for 45 miles to my campground. The next day, when I had finished the ride, I stopped for lunch at a restaurant by the trail. Behind the restaurant was a bike shop, so I dropped off the bike to have the (still strething gear cables) tightened up. While I sat enjoying my lunch, the bike shop tech came roaring around the corner on my Pocket Crusoe! "I'm keeping it!" he shouted gleefully as he rode on by to test it out. No way. That Friday is mine, any day!

Overall Experience Rating:
Outdated Informational DVD

My salesperson assured me that their informational DVD would be very useful to a non-technical person like myself, and that it would be sent a week or two in advance of shipmment. It wasn't until I finally called to ask about it, and it turned out to be just one more survey of every model that BF is tying to sell, sell, sell. When my Pocket Crusoe arrived, very nicely packaged and loaded in the suitcase, I referred back to the DVD. Hmm, the narrator said one thing, but the screen showed something else. BF customer service said, quote, "Oh, the DVD was taken from a five-year old video. That instruction probably refers to an older model."

O.K., but we're talking about a quick-release feature. And where in all of the packaging were the front and rear Dinotte lights? The enclosed invoice showed no backordered items. The salesman, very helpful when I was purchasing, must have been on a unicycle in Nepal, because he never communicated any problem or follow-up of any kind. I had specifically asked him to have the lights installed on the bike before shipment, as they did with the Cateye, Thudbuster, and Arione. The front v-brakes needed adjusting at my LBS, but they are working fine now, as is the rest of the bike.

P.S. The preview page shows today's date as December 31, 1969! However, I checked on my monitor, and it reads August 31, 2008. I think that BF needs to hire some communication majors.

We're sorry we weren't able to ship your bike with the Dinotte lights special ordered.  While we had hoped to ship everything all at once, we ended up having to ship them separately. Luckily, they install with a rubber band (O Ring) so I surmise installation was quick. Regarding the DVD, while we do strive to have up-to-date support material on the DVD, at times it will be dated or less relevant.  If you ever have any questions about your Bike Friday, please do not hesitate to our technical support number and we can offer the most up to date knowledge. - Jordan, Customer Service Manager

Overall Experience Rating:
The Pocket Crusoe Is A Real Hit!

I recently received my new BF Pocket Crusoe 18 gear bike and its has been a pleasure to ride. The bike was packed superbly and rides better than my large wheel mountain bike. BF's built quality is second to none. The bike punches well above its weight and is very light and tight on the road. Its been the best bike I have owned by far. Thanks BF for making the decision to buy so easy for me. Damian Fisher, Sydney, Australia

Overall Experience Rating:
Thanks to my Crusoe, I'm now enthusiastic about riding just for fun!

I used to think that bicycling was hard work and not very comfortable. Certainly I had never taken the time nor spent the money to get a custom-made bike for myself before. In fact, I hadn't even ridden a bike that was the right size for me since I outgrew my kid's bike in my teenage years. My Pocket Crusoe was a revelation! It fits me well, is sprightly to handle, and makes bicycling truly enjoyable. I love it! My Crusoe and I have been commuters together from day one; we've been out around the lakes of the Twin Cities many times, and have been to DC twice. We've even survived a car crash together with little more than minor damage. Nice craftsmanship, Green Gear team! The bike is beautifully made. Thanks for a fun and packable little bike that makes me happy to go for a ride.

Overall Experience Rating:
Nice Bike; Lousy Customer Service

I am very very disappointed with the customer service provided by Bike Friday. I ordered my bike with the custom stem and the fit stem option; so what happens? The bike arrives with a crappy, non-fitting fixed stem. When I first called Bike Friday to complain that I didn't receive a box for the fit stem (before I even realized what a fit stem was and that I didnt even receive a fit stem), they weren't even aware that they screwed up my order and that they didnt send me a fit stem. They just gave me a shipping number to send back the fit stem that I didnt receive. Then, I realized that I didnt receive a fit stem, and called them to send me one. They finally seemed to realize that I didnt even receive one, in the first place. Then, I asked them to send it to my Dad's address so somebody would be around to receive it. So what do they do? They sent it to my address anyway. Then, to make things even worse, I didn't receive any instructions on how to take my crappy non-fitting fixed stem off, and put on the fit stem. So, now, I am going to have to go to a bike shop tomorrow and pay them to somehow take it off. The Bike Friday website has no instructions on how to take off a regular stem, and put on a fit stem, or vice versa. The customer support was really thin on Saturday when I called and nobody could help me. I am really dreading what lies ahead of me. I am going to have to suffer through tomorrow's experience at the bike shop of taking off the crappy, non-fitting, fixed stem. Then I will end up struggling through putting on the fit stem. The one thing I am fairly optimistic about is adjusting it to my dimensions. But, then I will struggle through taking off the fit stem to send it back to replaced with a custom stem, which I have no idea at all how to do. Then, I will have to struggle through waiting 2 weeks for them to try and make it correctly, and send it back to me. Then, I will struggle with putting on the custom stem, which I have no idea at all how to do. Then, I will probably come to the realization that they didn't manufacture it according to the settings on the fit stem, and suffer with having a custom stem that doesn't fit. I am very very worried about the road that lies ahead of me with just getting this bike finally set up to ride. It will probably be 6 months or longer before I am finally set up right. My impression of Bike Friday is that they produce a very good bike, but their customer service and order fulfilment is on a par with a cheap Chinese made bike you'd find at Wal-Mart -- which ironically why I bought a Bike Friday in the first place -- I was tired of renting such bikes on vacations and trips. I guess I am out of my league with this bike. It is obvious that Bike Friday expects their customers to be experts in bicycle repair and maintenance. For those who are experts in bicycle repair and maintenance, you can probably ignore my message. And, you will likely be happy with your bicycle and customer experience. If you aren't a bike repair and maintenance expert, then beware -- if you order a Bike Friday, you are probably going to have a difficult experience.

We called Stuart and apologized for his less than stellar experience, and asked him allow us "to make it right", which he has accepted. He says he's enjoying the bike in spite of the 'hiccup' - Hugh, Customer Service

Overall Experience Rating:
nice out of the box

I've been wanting a Bike Friday for years - and started thinking more about it when, last summer, I had a hotel neighbor in Paris who had an Air Glide. It was the first one I had ever seen. I have now a Pocket Crusoe Petite since October 2006.

I have taken it to France twice since then and it has served me really well. Even though I had heard a lot about how good these bikes handled, I was still surprised when I first tried it out. I am not a very good but nevertheless an experienced cyclist, but I never had a bike feel "right" immediately. The staff at Bike Friday were extremely patient in the ordering process. I think I'm a very picky customer who is very concerned about frame geometry. Well, they worked it out with me and let me make my own decisions. The result is fabulous, I never even had to change the stem.

I did however override their calculations by ordering it 2cm longer. They also endured me when, even though it was a rush order, I took forever to choose the color and the crank length. I chose to have only 9 gears because I did not want to deal with a front deraillor for a bike i was going to use for just riding around - this was a good choice and I think everyone should consider it at least. I also have narrow H bars, which are excellent. It is really convenient that one can switch components without taking the grips off! This was really helpful.

The only thing that does not work is the chain retainer, when adjusting it so it would retain the chain, it will touch the crankarm - this may be due to my front single speed.

The component that most impresses me is the dirt cheap 15 Dollar foldable pedal - wow. On the other hand, I am not sure if I would get the suitcase again. It is expensive and lacks a handle on top when in the upright position.

The only difference to a "big" bike is encountered when hitting obstacles like curbs. It is then one really feels the small wheel size, so i think a MTB would not be for me. In exchange, one can make much much narrower turns it seems. To summarize, for me it was really all worth it and I'm excited every time I sit on the bike.

Overall Experience Rating:
Single Speed Fixed/Free Crusoe - Fast & Light

I purchased my fixed/free after viewing Walter's fixed on the web - a fantastic example of minimalist bicycle art. I went Crusoe based as I wanted 406 sized wheels. Walter's fixed is Pocket Rocket Pro based and runs on 451s. My Friday Fix is currently equipped with Phil Wood hubs (flip/flop rear), Sun rims, FSA Mega Exo crank, SRAM chain with PowerLink, single front V brake and straight bars. I specified Surly Tug Nuts on the rear drop outs to make alignment and chain adjustment simpler. The single speed is simple to pack and set up with nothing to realign or adjust on assembly. It has been a fantastic complement to my NWT. I find the single speed is a great training aid in that it forces me to work. Changes 1. Thudbuster seat post and Brooks Swift Ti saddle. I missed the comfort of my NWT. 2. Handle bars. I will try Ergon MR2 bar ends before changing bars for something with more positions.

Overall Experience Rating:
Light & fast crusoe petite 9

I actually have the Crusoe Petite 9, which is the perfect lightweight machine for a small female. I already own a Pocket Gnu for expeditions, and was looking for something easier to throw in the car or suitcase for urban riding. The Petite offers smaller handlebars & cranks, and a lighter seatpost. I love the Stelvio tires, and the whole bike weighs in at under 20 pounds. I added a Terry damselfly saddle and Bebop pedals to complete the package. There is no need for any more than 9 gears on this feather. A seatpost mounted rear rack will be my final accessory. Repeat buyers note that if you send your suitcase in for the new bike that you do not receive a tool kit or packing video, just the "S" allen wrench.

Overall Experience Rating:

We were recently in Eugene and decided to stop by the shop. I've been interested in the bikes for several years but have never had a chance to see or ride one. Hanz took a good deal of time with us and we ended up with two bikes. One for my wife who is beginning rider (a Metro) and I wanted something a bit more advanced mostly for city and weekend riding. The Caruso Extra was perfect. It is very light weight and I was able to configue it perfectly for the type of riding I do at this point in life. It was amazingly simple to put togther--didn't even have to really read the instructions. I had one simple question that the technician answsered in a minute. Couldn't wait to take it out for a test ride. Worked perfectly. Frankly, I was amazed at the quality of the ride--espcially on city streets. I actually felt I had more control than on either my mountain or old touring bike. The folks at the local bike shop recognized it as a Bike Friday immediately and all the guys wanted to come out a take a look. So far, I'm extremely satisfied. I hope to get out for a more extended ride in the next few days.


Bfa TravelBag, Compact 27"x 27"x 9" (Black)
Part No. 7013
more info

Bfa TravelBag, Standard 34"x 29"x 9" (Black)
Part No. 35
more info

Incredibell Bar End, chrome
Part No. 104
more info

Family Tandem Bell Pyramid Mini Bell
Part No. 3822
more info

Incredibell XL, black
Part No. 105
more info

CatEye Strada Wireless CC-RD310W Cyclometer
Part No. 11913
more info

Low Mount for bar height over 37 inches
Part No. 8170
more info

Bfa Fender Set, NWT, Ll, old FT, CRU tires to 1.5"" wide
Part No. 489
more info

Direct mount, black, alloy kickstand (NWT,PT,FT, Cr)
Part No. 6519
more info

zLights-Planet Bike Blinky 1200x battery light Set
Part No. 8195
more info

Mirrycle Mirror - Mountain
Part No. 619
more info

Topeak Mini Dual DX w/guage(120psi/presta & schrader)
Part No. 705
more info

Crank Brothers Pump 115psi (176mm, silver)
Part No. 6787
more info

BF Front Low Mount 2015 EasyPack racks 25lbs @ side 50lb max
Part No. 19051
more info

BF Folding Rear Rack 2015 Cro-Moly - Black 55lb limit
Part No. 19170
more info

Mini Clips Small/Med
Part No. 7394
more info

Toe Clips and Straps, small
Part No. 968
more info

Toe Clips and Straps, large
Part No. 966
more info

Toe Clips and Straps, medium
Part No. 967
more info

Mini Clips Large/Xlarge
Part No. 8294
more info

BFTravTrailer Alu-Frame,Whls w/CS hitch, fits Travelcase
Part No. 972
more info

BF Flite TravelCase Black + BF packing system (Pocket Bikes)
Part No. 10968
more info

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