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We build tandems. Tandems that fold. Tandems that pack. Tandems that are custom tailored to fit each rider to a T. (“T” as in Tandem.) Tandems that will take you wherever you want to go. Perhaps more importantly, and depending on the tandem you choose, your Bike Friday Tandem will fold or pack so you can take it to places that previously seemed, well, tandem-proof.

We offer three tandems:

Family Tandem: Our affordable tandem for the family.

Traveler XL: Our upgraded tandem for touring and travel.

Two'sDay: Our tandem that folds for convenience.

Whether you choose a quick-fold Tandem Two’sDay, a light weight and powerful road and sport Tandem Traveler XL or a Family Traveler, your Bike Friday Tandem is built to fit, built to ride and built to pack. But most of all, your Bike Friday Tandem is built for fun!



Tandem Traveler XL Select
If you want a light, yet stiff and versatile tandem that you can easily take with you wherever you go, the Tandem Traveler XL is for you,

Whether you are taking your child to school or enjoying an afternoon with your favorite stoker, Bike Friday tandems are built to last, and be handed down from generation to generation.

The Tandem Traveler XL with the Select Group is available in your choice of three sizes (52 cm, 56 cm, 60 cm) for the captain, a variety of frame colors (upgrade colors are available) along with seven accent colors for cable housing and decals, as well as bar tape.
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FamilyTandem 8
The next step in cycling for a trailer kid is the Family Tandem, designed by Co-founder Alan Scholz to be a family heirloom bike.

This 8-speed model is a limited custom bike, available in 13 color choices with limited size options.

The beauty of Bike Friday tandems shines in the 20-inch wheel and easy step over tube. Kids feel at home closer to the ground, and the small wheels make it easier to handle for the Captain.

The adjustability for the Stoker means a child as young as 4 years old can fit on the back, and it can adjust as the child grows. It is a great tandem for just riding your child to school, or for touring.
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Tandem TwosDay Sport 27
The Tandem Two'sDay is our folding bicycle built for two.

A unique and proven exceptional machine in the world of tandems because it can quickly fold and fit into the back of an SUV, trunk of a car or even the back of the Mini Cooper!

It eliminates the need special racks or a van to be a tandem owner.

Great for travel, it fits into two Bike Friday TravelCases for airline travel.
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