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Specialty Bike Fridays

More than 120 years of bicycle design have proven that the most important thing to get right to have a happy, efficient, comfortable rider, is a bike that fits.

Our Co-Founders started Bike Friday with that in mind. We know that one-size fits-all works no better for bicycles than it does for shoes.

Mass produced bicycle manufacturers try to please the most profitable portion of the public which means they can’t offer bikes, other than for middle-sized average people.

At Bike Friday, we offer more sizes of bikes than any mass producer in the world. Bicycles need to not only fit, but should be proportional to a person’s weight to be efficient.

So, we set out to fit more people.

Bantams are for some of those people.

One group challenged to find bikes that fit are the Little People of the World. Their short inseams often mean they can’t find a bike at all.

We make bikes to fit the short inseams, for those who need a good fit as much or more than the rest of us.

You can be assured that if anyone can, we can make you a Customized Bike Friday that is exclusively and uniquely yours.

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