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Order your Pocket Rocket Pro STI 18:
Specs For This Model
  • Weighs 20 ls / 9.1
  • 18 speeds
  • Dropbars
  • STI shiftig
  • Rides like your best road bike
  • Packs easily for airline travel
  • Super handling, especially downhill
Pocket Rocket Pro STI 18
Pocket Rocket Pro STI 18
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The Photo Above Does Not Represent This Individual Bike Friday, But Does Represent the Model Type

The light, quick Rocket Pro STI 18 frame weighs in at 20 pounds ( 9.1 kg) without saddle and pedals, bringing it a few pounds lighter than a Rocket.

With 18 speeds, dropbars and STI shifting, the Pro is ready to tackle any road challenge.

It includes an upgrade to the new Bike Friday cartridge threadless headset.

We take your measurements and build your frame size from 48cm to 60 cm (top tube equivalents) to match your body. You can choose a frame color (Flag Red, Green Gear Green, Cream Soda Blue and Ink Black are no charge) as well as one of seven decal/cable housing color options.

You can compare frame color and decal/cable housing color combinations by viewing our Color Module.

NOTE: Saddle and Pedals are not included.

If you are not certain which Bike Friday will best fit your needs, you can look at our Bike List for more information, but the best way to know that you are getting the perfect Bike Friday for your dreams of adventure is to contact a Bike Consultant for an interview.

Contact a
Bike Consultant today to learn more.


2a Main frame: 07.0 PocRocket Pro 1 1/4, 2" butted (155-190lbs)
2b Fork: 05.1 PR Pro Oval .9/.6 mm x 1-1/4" butted THREADLESS
2d Seatmast: 02.0 Lite/Pro/Crus Left fold-mast .035x 1 1/4"
2e Risers & BF Custom stems: Bf Custom Adjustable Stem 1 1/4" steerer w/bike
Accessories: Engraved Name Plate -bike comes w/custom engravd name plate
Bars: Dimension Split Drop CHOOSE (40,42,44) 4bolt
Bar Tape & Grips: Black Cork Bar Tape
BB bearing: FSA 110.5mm JIS square 68 English
Bottle Cages: Bottle Cage , Cateye Flexible
Bottles: BF 21oz. water bottle white w/black lid - black logo
Brakes: FSA Gossamer Brake Set Caliper, black (39-49cm)
Cables: Cable - Housing Black std w/ Decals Black or White
Cassette: 11-26 9sp SRAM PG950 1 1,12,13,15,17,19,21,23,26
Chainring, Inner: as comes on crank (see base crank profile)
Chainring, Outer: as comes on crank (see base crank profile)
Chains: KMC X9.93 9sp 116L, NP/DARK SILVER chain
Cranks: FSA Vero 39/53 8/9sp (165,170, 172,175mm) blk, square CHOOSE
Derailleurs Front: Shimano Claris double front derailleur FD-2400
Derailleurs Rear: Shimano Sora 8/9spd rear derailleur, SS-3500
Headset, Threadless: 1 1/4" BF Threadless cartridge, alloy, black, Headset
Hub Front: Shimano Tiagra Front 36o (4600) qr silver
Hub Rear: Shimano Tiagra 36/24o (130) FH (4500) 8sp/9 silver
Packing Materials BF: Packing & handling for shipping
Pedals: yNone supplied std. Choose if you want us to supply
Rims: Alex DA22 (451) 24o 20 x 1 1/8" Silver
Saddle: y NONE SUPPLIED - add if you want us to supply
Seatpost: Kalloy #243 27.2mm Alloy SP x 350mm
Shifters/Controls: Shimano Sora-STI-3500- 9x2
Spokes: Spokes DT 14 ga. Stainless w/ brass nipples
Tires: Primo Comet 20 x 1 1/8" (451) 110psi tire
Tubes: 20x1" PV (451)

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Pocket Rocket seatpost sizes Did you switch to a 27.2mm seat post on the Pocket Rocket recently? I bought a Pocket Rocket Pro last November and want to get a post with more set back. I thought I remembered my post being 27.0mm....
Overall Experience Rating:

I have owned my Pocket Rocket Pro since 2004, and have taken it to Europe in 2004, 2005, and 2008. I plan to go again in 2013.

These trips were wonderful, and I had no worries bringing my BF with me -- never a question at airports. On each trip I carried camping gear and extra clothing for any eventuality.

First 2 trips I used rear panniers and a handlebar bag, plus a small backpack. Third trip I purchased a Carry Freedom trailer at the bike shop in Maschwanden, Switzerland, very nice people.

The trailer made it 25% easier to move the load in the mountains. It's a simple plywood platform with 16-inch wheels, and it tracks perfectly; no difficulty going down passes in the Alps.

When I arrived home, I customized the platform by drilling 30-40 large holes in the plywood -- you don't need to pull all that wood around, less is better, and I topped it off with 6 coats of varnish. I call my trailer Swiss Cheese.

A friend borrowed it for a 10-day Pacific coast tour and absolutely loved it. On the 3rd trip, I had just retired from teaching, so I toured for 11 weeks -- Over Ireland, crossing England by train, then Dunkerque, Fr., Belgium, Western Germany, then by train from Hannover to Dresden. Then to Prague, CZR (the roads were pretty bad), then train to Zelezny Rudna, then back into Germany (Bavaria) to Munich, to Lindau, and across Bodensee to Switz. Then train from Zurich over the Bernina Pass into north Italia, across the lakes district. By train from Milan to Nice, Fr., and then 1/2 way across southern France, to the super bridge at Millau.

Then I rented a car to Cherbourg, and by ferry back to Ireland. Only once did I have difficulty with the trains or busses. I had purchased tickets in Paris to Berlin; but when I arrived in Mannheim, the conductor would not let me board with my bike (no bikes on the ICE trains).

However, after seeing that I could fold the bike into "baggage" he reluctantly allowed me to sit between cars and "stay with your machine."

Pluses and Minuses: The small wheels and folding frame are absolutely strong and stable. I have only one bike, Bike Friday, and have used it in numerous

Triathlons. It has served me well. Bike Friday is more maneuverable than large-wheel bikes, because the inertia (to keep going in the same direction) of large-wheel bikes is not very noticeable on Bike Friday. Perhaps this means that you must be more alert if you are at speed on a Bike Friday, I'm not sure. But I had no trouble going down mountain passes. For example, the Col de L'Iseran goes above 9000 ft. It took me 4 hours to go up, and 18 min. to go down. That was fun! Large wheels will take bumps more smoothly than small wheels. If you might happen to be plain dumb, like I was last July, and you run off the road, small wheels are more likely to go into a hole and stop suddenly, throwing the rider over the front and possibly breaking his scapula. But a dumb rider can ride a large-wheel bike, too: You just cannot prevent "dumb" by the type of bike you ride.

I sometimes drop the chain on my 27-gear Shimano Ultegra set-up, but this is more due to lack of expertise than because of the shifting system.

I have a friend, expert cyclist, who rides his Pocket Rocket Pro with Campagnolo shifters; he never drops his chain. It is not easy to learn to stop pedaling for a micro-second while the derailleur moves the chain, but that will end chain-dropping. When I first got my Pocket Rocket Pro, I had difficulty with the big hills in middle Tennessee. It's a lot like Europe around here. Finally I switched to Deore Mt. Bike rear cluster (with more teeth), and I have not had problems with big hills since then. I prepare for long, hot rides by adding two extra bottle holders to the seat mast.

I highly recommend the Velcro-attach bottle holders made by Two Fish. They work great, and don't slip if you tighten the hook and loop firmly. OK, that's enough from me; I hope you haven't had terminal boredom. Contact me if you wish.

Overall Experience Rating:
To Honolulu and Spain

I bought my Pocket Rocket Pro in 2008 and it's now been to Honolulu three times and Spain (Granada and Barcelona) once. I am 56 years old and not very good at bicycle mechanics, so my challenges have been with assembly and dis-assembly. It's not nearly as simple as I thought it would be! And I sent Bike Friday a lot of suggestions for the manual. I've also had problems with the tires seating on the rims, and the tech guy told me that there had been other problems with that. When the bike and rack arrived in suitcase, I weighed it, and it weighed about 40 pounds. I'm able to add in shoes, handpump, kryptonite lock, pannier and a few clothes before I hit the 50 pound airplane limit. It is not easy to lug around airports and through the transit system. On my next trip (to New York) I am definitely taking a cab from airport to hotel. The ride is great. I spent all the extra money to get the lightest bike and well fit to me. I can carry it up stairs as needed, and it does well on hills. I live in San Francisco so I am used to hills. My other bikes are a Waterford and Gunnar; lots of gears and light, also. After three years I can say that I'm very glad that I bought the bike -- I love riding it. I've had much more fun on my trips, being able to do both recreational rides and buzzing around town. The bike's just harder to put together than I had hoped, but I am learning a lot and I'm sure that's good for me too!

Overall Experience Rating:
I just love this bike. It performs great, is beautifully made, and travels well too.

After having ridden my Pocket Rocket Pro (27-speed with Ultegra components) for 3 months and more than 1500 miles around Boulder, Colorado, I would purchase the bicycle again with no reservations whatsoever. The bicycle has been just great and an absolute pleasure to ride. It also travels very well.

I am 52 and bought the Pocket Rocket Pro for exercise and century rides on extended business trips. It feels very similar to my regular high-end road bike. It might (?) be a whisker slower, but if it is, it’s not slower by much. It is comfortable, handles well and is very stable at speeds up to 40+ mph, brakes well, and is fast. It has a nice lively ride. The welding looks very good, and the paint job is superb. I have no qualms about using it as an alternative to my regular road bike now that I am home either, something I did not expect.

My Pocket Rocket Pro performed superbly on rides that covered a mix of terrains (mountains and flatland) and a healthy range of distances. My first significant ride was a century ride that involved 4300’ of climbing about two weeks after I received the bike. The bicycle did fine, in spite of some difficulty with my saddle (see below). My cycling thereafter typically consisted of daily 10-20 mile rides, with weekend rides of ~40-miles with as much as 4,000’ of climbing. I pushed the bike and myself pretty hard on these rides and loved the way it responded. The Pocket Rocket Pro is definitely a beautiful high-end road.

In addition to the quality of the ride, the speed and ease of assembly and disassembly (packing) is very important to me. If either of these steps were to take too long, I wouldn’t have time left to ride a bike on a typical business trip. The assembly and disassembly procedures are both straightforward, and the directions in the manual bike are very good too - this is critical. The felt packing bags and split plastic tubes that came with the bicycle for protecting it in the travel case are really nice, do their job well, and materially aid in quickly and securely packing the bike; they also reflect attention to key details on the part of Bike Friday. The second time I re-packed the bike it took about an hour, and the next time it will take 30 minutes or less (a few annotations I made in the manual the first time I packed up the bike really helped). The assembly time after three assemblies is comparable to the disassembly time: ~20 minutes for assembly and another 10 minutes to double check, pump tires, etc. In contrast, the travelling bike a sibling bought from another company did not come with a manual or DVD; it took us several hours to repack his bike even though we had photographs of his bike from when we unpacked it. The Pocket Rocket Pro is a clear winner in terms of the speed and ease of assembly and disassembly.

The travel case has worked well too. First, it has protected the bike well, even when opened up by TSA. Second, it is roomy and can take a regular floor pump if the base plate can be removed. The bike and case alone only weigh about 30 pounds by themselves. The bike, the case, the tools for the bike, a rear rack, water bottles and their cages, two frame pumps, and the floor pump together weighed in at 50.0 pounds. The floor pump and the rear rack are the main reasons it has taken me more than 30 minutes to disassemble and pack the bike so far – without them I would be under 30 minutes.

My service experience with Bike Friday has been very good-to-excellent. I ask a lot of questions, and Sandy in customer service fielded my questions patiently and knowledgeably. The fit of the bike is spot on. I ordered the bike about a month before leaving on my trip to Boulder, and it arrived on schedule to fit a narrow time window before the century ride; I greatly appreciated that. I had ordered a straight stem riser and a standard stem to have the option of adjusting the stem, but my Pocket Rocket Pro came with the custom ultralight stem. This could have been a significant problem, but wasn’t: the custom stem was sized just right, I like it, and I’m glad I have it.

I’ve also been pleased with other matters associated with my Pocket Rocket Pro. The online service guide is excellent. The bike’s tool kit is nice. The DVD that came with the bike is good too, even though I find the manual to be quite adequate.

The bicycle does have some idiosyncrasies. It seems to be a bit more sensitive than my regular road bike to having the right saddle in the correct position even though the specs on my Pocket Rocket Pro were taken from my regular bike; my two-year old saddle on my regular road bike just didn’t feel comfortable on the Pocket Rocket Pro – I still don’t know why. The nut on the bottom bracket hinge needed to be slightly loosened to fold it up the first time I packed the bike, and this took me a while to figure out. I bought a crescent wrench for this, but the spanners in the tool kit that comes with the bike can loosen this nut. The quick release on the stem needs to be tighter than I expected to prevent the handlebars from creaking and to prevent a shudder while braking on steep descents. The seat mast clamp also has to be tight to stop the seat from sliding down, and the first time I tightened the clamp I broke the clamp bolt. I’ll get a replacement bolt and clamp to be covered in case this happens again. The front brake cables clack against each other while riding, but I’ve addressed this with a few strategically positioned twisty-ties. I also want to find a way to keep the chain from dirtying the protective felt bags when the bike is in the travel case. With a bit more experience I am confident I’ll resolve all these matters.

In summary, I love the ride of my Pocket Rocket Pro and how well it travels. The service from Bike Friday has been consistent with its fine reputation. The Pocket Rocket Pro was the right bike for me and I am extremely glad I purchased it.

Overall Experience Rating:
I have never been more pleased with a product--or a company.

Simply put, my PRP is an outstanding value. My BF salesperson helped me configure it to achieve the best balance of performance and price, and in eighteen months of continuous use--for my commute from NJ to NYC--I have only grown to love it more each day. Previously, I had owned a high-end folder from a much larger, more well-known firm (based in California, with factories in PRC and Taiwan), which was poorly designed and shoddily crafted, despite it's $1k-plus price; I had thought ALL folders were plagued by the same limitations.

Despite my misgivings, I doubled-down, and spent a few hundred dollars more to get a PRP, sight-unseen. Money well-spent, as it turns out--and a bargain, considering the intensity of BF's involvement with each customer.

The Friday PRP is one of the finest bikes I've ever ridden, and has not spent a single day off the road due to malfunction--which is as much a testament to BF's straightforward design philosophy as to any other factor. And even though it's something of a specialty item--individually built, meant to pack for travel--practically every component is off-the-peg, so replacements and upgrades are simple (again, a marked contrast to my last folder, which had numerous proprietary, hard-to-find parts). Others here have commented on the ride quality, so I won't belabor that point, other than to say that my PRP is astonishingly stiff, even when sprinting out-of-saddle.

Made to measure, it fits me better than any other bike I've ever owned. And I could go on... Good as the bike is, my experience in dealing with BF has been even better. They have been responsive to any questions I've asked, and when my bike arrived new with some of the wrong components installed, BF went out of their way to resolve the problem to my absolute satisfaction.

I can recommend a Bike Friday totally without reservation, and have to anybody who's stopped to ask about my bike. In short, as difficult as I am to please--and I am notoriously picky about my bikes--the Bike Friday has exceeded my wildest expectations. Words fail to express my admiration for the folks at BF and their terrific travel bikes. Would that there were higher numbers; I would rate my ownership experience an eleven.

Overall Experience Rating:
Riding is great, quick-folding is bad on the drivetrain. Ride - 9 Fold - 3

I have had a number of Bike Friday bikes, including earlier versions of the Pocket Rocket Pro. I traded up to a newer Pro a couple years ago and found that the bike works great when it is unfolded and adjusted. But any quick-fold which allows me to keep it in the car for a quick, spontaneous ride in a new riding environment, means the chain comes off the chainrings and warps the front derailler cage. Unfolding the bike always requires handling a greasy chain to remount it on the chainrings and then re-adjust the derailler cage. Somehow the alignment of the rear "triangle" has been altered in the new design in a way that the chain comes off regardless of the rear derailler position on the cluster. With the chain off the chainrings during packing, it becomes another fussy business of protecting the cage and then re-mounting the chain on the chainrings after unfolding. People at Green Gear sent me a clamp-on chain guard to keep the chain from falling off but it does not work. I still love riding the bike for its great fit and performance but it no longer works well in the portability I bought it for.

Tim - check out the techniques at https://www.bikefriday.com/foldingpacking
In most cases, after unfolding,  you can simply shift to the large front chainring and quickly turn the cranks which will re-engage the chain. Or, consider a Speeding tikit - LC

Overall Experience Rating:
Beware the suitcase!

'Just returned from three weeks riding the Route Verte in the Gaspesie. Our new Pocket Rocket Pros lived up to our very high expectations, but unfortunately the suitcases did not. 'Wasted one entire day in Quebec City visiting hardware stores, collecting parts to reinforce the sliding handle assembly and making repairs. Samsonite's warranty EXCLUDES damage caused by the the customary airline luggage mishandling, which was the cause of our suitcase damage. My suggestion is that you determine the interior dimensions of the Samsonite hard case offered with your Bike Friday but purchase a higher quality hard suitcase elsewhere.

Overall Experience Rating:
The PR Pro rocks !

Just want to drop a note that the PR-Pro arrived on time and I put some miles on it while in Wisconsin. The directions for unpacking and repacking were great, and the digital photo showing the bike in the case is a nice touch. Most important, the bike handles and rides great. I did some big climbs and steep downhills and unless I look down I forget I’m on the smaller wheels. I’d say it feels a little different but after a few miles you don’t notice. I even had to ride some gravel to get to the pavement and it’s not a big deal. I’m back home in Anchorage AK and looking forward to all the adventures the bike will undoubtedly lead to. Please let the team at the shop know there is another happy and evangelistic rider!

Overall Experience Rating:
Pocket Rocket Pro - A blast to ride!

I was considering a Bike Friday, and happened to be in Eugene, so I stopped by for a tour. Over the next year I debated about what bike to buy. In addition to the Bike Friday, I was considering a titanium Serotta. To my surprise, my husband said, "why don't you get both". Well that's what I did. Within a few months, I found that I only wanted to ride my Pocket Rocket Pro. The Serotta was sitting in the corner collecting dust. I ended up selling the Serotta, and my Pocket Rocket Pro is now my only road bike. It is so much fun to ride, and it is one fast bike. I did some time trails on my Friday and my Serotta and found that it made no difference which bike I was on as far as speed. I smile every time I take my Friday out for a spin. It's just a blast to ride. If you are considering one, go for it. You will not be disappointed.

Overall Experience Rating:
The ultimate portable flyer

Since 1994 when I got smart and ordered a Bike Friday Pocket Rocket, I've taken it on every vacation, and I tell everyone who'll listen that this amazing machine makes every trip a great one. This year's vacation (to The Big Island) was extra special because it was the first with my new Bike Friday, a Pocket Rocket Pro. Here are my impressions.

Before the trip I rode most of my favorite local loops (I'm in Santa Cruz, California) so that I could dial-in the bike's fit, and ensure everything was right for me. Ingeniously, the bike arrives with an adjustable stem, which allows on-the-road experimenting to find the perfect handlebar height and reach. A pre-addressed/postage-paid Fed Ex box is supplied making returning the stem to Bike Friday easy and fast. From the fit stem they make your custom one and return it. And, with that in hand, I trimmed the cable housing, fine-tuned the brakes and derailleurs, and installed the new Selle San Marco seat I had ordered.

Naturally, I can't help but compare the Pro to my old Rocket and one thing that stands out is that the new bike is equipped with Shimano's elegant Ultegra 10-speed component group, including a stock crankset. My old Friday works like a champ, however, it was an 8-speed, which at the time required swapping to larger and different-model chainrings to get high enough gearing. Having the stock Ultegra crankset gives the bike a professional look, frees up a little space in the suitcase, and ensures I fully benefit from Shimano's engineering. (FYI gearheads: I was riding a 56-tooth chainring with a 12-tooth cog for a 93-inch high gear; now I'm riding a 53-11, which results in a 96.)

In fact, about the only detail that's different from a regular road bike is a small add-on on the rear-derailleur cable housing that ensures the STI lever moves enough cable to shift accurately across the 10-speed cassette. This is needed due to the longer cables and housing on the folding frame. Other than that, the bike is a full-Ultegra roadster right down to the hubs and quick releases, so there's no question about reliability, and shifting and braking perfection.

Shimano's Ultegra group has been out for some time and you've surely read how nice it is already so I won't go into that here except to say that it's a beautiful, great-riding group, and it's obvious why it's so popular: all the function of Dura-Ace at a nicer price.

I will say that the Ultegra's silver/grey parts look especially nice on my Pro's rich metallic blue paint, which glistens in the sun like Bike Friday's paintshop somehow put aluminum foil beneath the finish. And, it's not just a stunning finish. Powder paint, which is applied via an electric charge, is extremely rugged, too, and perfect for a portable that'll see plenty of baggage handlers with an attitude. (I haven't found one yet that can remove the bike and put it back the way I had it.)

Luckily, on this trip the bike arrived unscathed. We'd never been to The Big Island before so I wasn't sure about the riding there and was happy to find smooth, wide roads; slow, courteous traffic; plenty of climbs and descents; stunning scenery; and Hawaii's pristine air. I ride around 5:30 a.m., an hour when in most places the roads are deserted. I was surprised to have lots of company every morning, runners and walkers and even beach-goers already swimming and boogie boarding.

Typically, it takes me a few miles to feel at home on small wheels, yet on the Pro I rolled out of the Kona Magic Sands Hotel's parking lot feeling rock steady. I've compared the wheelbases of the old and new Fridays and the Pro's is slightly longer. The Pro also has a different fork than my regular Rocket. I don't know if they've tweaked other aspects of the frame geometry or tubing, yet this bike is really stable, which is especially noticeable (and appreciated) descending at speed.

Not that I've ever had a problem with my old bike, but this one is stabler whether I'm just cruising along, really flying (so far I've been over 40mph and had no trouble riding no-handed at that speed) or only idling around a scenic turnout taking in the view. It's a wonderfully efficient ride, too, and the Pro lives up to its name accelerating and climbing with authority. You feel this with every pedal stroke, yet especially when you're out of the saddle. And, this complements the stable feel making cornering perfectly natural and comfortable even on unfamiliar roads.

I've always told people that Bike Fridays ride just as good as your regular favorite bicycle, and that you can do all the same things on it, too. This holds true for the Pro, only more so. If you're looking for the ultimate portable flyer, this is it.

Jim Langley | July 2006

Jim Langley has a fascinating website which includes a review of his original Pocket Rocket

Bike Friday prides itself on honesty and disclosure - that's how we make our product better and better. We pressed Jim to offer suggestions for improvement.

Hi Lynette, Attached is a photo to put with the review. And, for a rating, I'll go with 8.5, based on the assumption that a 10 would be perfect and there's always room for improvement with anything. I also can't fairly judge the packing. I packed it into the old suitcase, which is difficult, and Peter tells me I really ought to be using the new suitcase. I've been trying to reach Alan to order one w/out luck so far.

In any case, you asked about other gripes about the bike and I have 2 small ones, you can add to the review, if you wish. They're hardly worth mentioning, though.

1. While it may be intentional to make it easier to reach, I find the location of the water bottle cage on the main frame (down tube) too high. When you try to remove the bottle, it bumps into the stem unless you make an effort to take it out at an angle. And, when it's so far up on the frame it looks wrong, especially when the other cage is nice and low on the seat tube where it should be (the bottle placement should be symmetrical in my opinion). A few inches lower would make the bike look right, and no one who rides a Pocket Rocket will have trouble reaching a tiny bit lower to get their bottle. I know this is a silly little detail, but it's going to take me a while to ignore it.

2. The other issue would be a non issue if I lived where the roads are smooth. But the pavement is terrible here and this makes the bike rattle loudly. It took me a little investigating before I discovered the culprit. It's the cable housing sections that run alongside the frame. These are held by small brazed-on eyelets, but they're a loose fit for the housing, which means on bumpy roads the housing vibrates and slaps against the frame tube making a surprisingly loud rattle. I fixed it by wrapping tape around the housing, however, I may try to find a cleaner solution, perhaps O-rings that fit over the housing like the ones made for cables.

Overall Experience Rating:
Light and fast--it's now my favourite bike!

I've now had my Pocket Rocket Pro for almost a year, and am very pleased with it. It has become my favourite bike, as many others have reported. Warned by many that smaller wheels give a bumpier, uncomfortable ride, I ordered a Thudbuster. It might add more weight to a very light and tight road bike, but I think well worth it. It's hard in Sydney (Australia) to test-ride a Bike Friday, but as part of my market survey, I managed to test-ride two other bikes with small wheels--with and without the Thudbuster. The difference was enormous, and hence I now have a Thudbuster! I had thought about the Air Friday instead, but the quicker, easier folding of the Pocket Rocket Pro won out in the end. Peter Berra was a great help, walking me through the ordering (and over-the-phone-and-email fitting) process with ease. He was very good at turning my non-technical and non-mechanical requests into reality! I've ridden several thousand kilometres already on this bike and several long-ish rides (150+ km). It's a very comfortable ride and a nice, fast machine! It won't be my last Bike Friday and probably won't be the only one in the house for too long! Cannot praise the service highly enough. It's _the_ reason I kept coming back to Bike Friday, when I was researching travelling with bikes, and it is one of the main reasons I continue to recommend Bike Fridays.

Overall Experience Rating:
The ideal realized!

Shortly before Christmas I receive my Single Speed Citrus (orange) Flyer Pocket Rocket Pro. My intention was to escape the cold winters of Ohio to vacation with a bicycle in Florida. The bike was everything I hoped for. The ordering was fun as everything is made to order. The sizing was perfect. The quality and design leave no complaints. The bike weighs in at 19#, rides very close to my full size road bike, and went through luggage check in without any problems. I love the ss (single speed). S i m p l e, and I'm surprised how unecessary it is to shift so frequently while riding. While the BF is probably more expensive than other folding choices out there, the sizing, customization, design, and service place this product in a catagory of its own. The bike is a highly refined specialty purpose machine. I look forward to many years of riding and traveling with my new companion!

Overall Experience Rating:
Is it possible to build a better bike?

I just got back from my inaugural weekend trip with my new Pocket Rocket Pro. What a bike! Just luggage check the bike, put it together and ride away. Sooooo easy. In contrast to my Air Friday the PR was a lot easier to put together and repack because of the collapsible seat tube and rear section that use a quick release with fewer detachable parts. Other features I was impressed by were the absolutely silent drivetrain, comprehensive tool kit, room for a complete set of riding gear in the suitcase, protective frame tubing system, chain securing system when the bike is packed, absolute accuracy of position duplication of my 27" wheel road bike, frame paint quality, full transfer of power from my foot into the pedals and precise shifting capacity of the Dura Ace groupo. Literally, I can't think of a detail that hasn''t been addressed. My question is it possible to build a better bike? If you do put me at the front of the line to get one. Thanks and I'm looking forward to my next trip.

Jeff Spencer is a former pro racer, Olympian and Lance Armsrong's Chiropracter. Read about Jeff and his Friday here

Overall Experience Rating:
I like it!

I just got my PocketRocket Pro the day before Xmas 2005. It only took a couple of minutes to get it set up although it took longer to do the initial dial-in of my setings. Since I have 6 other bikes and do century rides and ironman distant triathlons, I pretty much have my bike position nailed. Once I duplicated it, I went for a 0 mile bike ride. It felt great (although I was not in biking shape since I have been training almost exclusively for the Disney 1/2 and full marathons). I kept up with my bike partner and even punished him up a few hills. I went out for a final tune-up before sending the tempoary stem back in while it was blowing around 20 MPH with gusts up to 30 MPH. Felt safer on my PRP then on my Trek 5200. So, I am looking forward to lots of enjoyable miles. I will be brining it out to the Seattle to Portland bike ride this July. Hope to see you there! roger clemmons

Overall Experience Rating:
My Bike 'Triday' works great!

I have your nice Pocket Rocket Pro and I love it a lot. I had raced in the Astroman Triathlon in Sado island in Japan early September. My Bike Friday was very nice and very comfortable to ride. The 65 miles' bike leg was very tough and had some hard up-hills. I selected two special wheels made by Amanda sports in Tokyo. They were awesome. I enjoyed the race and I'm always very excited to ride my wonderful Bike Friday. Thank you for making a nice bike - Jin Iizuka, Japan

Overall Experience Rating:
Both superb and a nightmare

As far as the ride is concerned, it is superb. Yes, it is a harsher ride than say my full size carbon frame bike, but it seemingly excels at accelerating from full stop, at cornering, and allowing one to draft very efficiently. No problems keeping up and/or dropping racing colleagues. As far as quick folding for commuting purposes, it is a nightmare. More likely than not, derailleur needs to be adjusted after each unfold. Need to be part-time mechanic (and have a lot of spare time) to own bike for this purpose. The ride quality is great enough to put up with a not particularly compact or graceful fold. But the constant need for adjusting after unfolding may also drive you nuts. There is a possibility it is just something amiss with my particular PRP. But as for the famous customer service, I'm still waiting respectively one and two weeks on my prior two emails requesting assistance. Had been very responsive on the sale though.

Overall Experience Rating:
Ride characteristics are superb

Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my new Pocket Rocket Pro. This is my third Bike Friday as I have owned a Pocket Rocket vintage 1996 and an Air Friday circa 2000. To me, this is the best Bike Friday of all. The ride characteristics are superb. The bike is extremely well balanced and lively. It has none of the harshness of my 1996 Pocket Rocket. You've managed to make this bike truly approximate the feel of some of the full size bikes that I own and some of them are touted to be among the best. Before, on my previous Bike Fridays, I could feel a big difference in ride characteristics, but with my new Pocket Rocket Pro you have appreciably closed that gap. The build out was first rate and the changes in frame design, though subtle really made a difference in the ease of packing and I suspect in the overall ride performance, as well. The new wheel and tire combination are amazing, lending to an overall feeling of stability and agility. Finally, not unlike my frame, the weight loss on the Pocket Rocket Pro is much appreciated and goes a long way towards making this the best Bike Friday yet. You guys are to be congratulated for all your hard work and well thought out research leading to a job very well done.

What a great way to see the country

I've had my Pocket Rocket Pro for over a year now and taken it to Hawaii and climbed the volcano in Maui, I took it from San Francisco to San Diego, I've gone from Coronodo Island in San Diego to Mexico, and around the St. Croix Valley in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is so easy to travel with, and such a great ride, I can take it for any quick trip. It packs really easy and without the surcharge for a regular bike, I can take it anytime I travel. I think next year when I go to Colorado, I am leaving my Litespeed behind and will climb the Rockies with my Pocket Rocket Pro - the gearing is better at both the low end and faster for faster flat riding.

Overall Experience Rating:
What a great way to see the country

I've had my Pocket Rocket Pro for over a year now and taken it to Hawaii and climbed the volcano in Maui, I took it from San Francisco to San Diego, I've gone from Coronodo Island in San Diego to Mexico, and around the St. Croix Valley in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is so easy to travel with, and such a great ride, I can take it for any quick trip. It packs really easy and without the surcharge for a regular bike, I can take it anytime I travel. I think next year when I go to Colorado, I am leaving my Litespeed behind and will climb the Rockies with my Pocket Rocket Pro - the gearing is better at both the low end and faster for faster flat riding.

Overall Experience Rating:
Faster than my Cannondale

This weekend I took the Friday out for both club rides. For the first time in nearly two years, I pacelined with the advanced group (at least for a while). We were smoking along at 30-31 mph and I haven't come close to that in quite a while. This little bike is FAST! It may be a little in my head, too, but I know there's something about the bike that has me going faster than my Cannondale. I even commuted (48.5 miles roundtrip) to work on it yesterday (Monday). My average speed was the best of any commute so far this year. Again, there's something about that bike!! I'm going to do my first century ride of the year on it in two weeks. Its one of the four rides sponsored by Perimeter Bicycle Club who puts on El Tour de Tucson. After that, I'll send in the handle bar stem and hopefully get it back FAST. I have a feeling I'm not going to like going back to the Cannondale while waiting for the one-piece to return. Again, thanks for working with me on this and a HUGE thanks for loaning me the Air Friday while I was up there on vacation. That REALLY sealed the deal on my Pocket Rocket Pro. I look forward to my next trip to the N.W. and hopefully riding with your noon group. Hopefully, you ride it year round even after the rain begins to fall. I've got some pretty good rain gear even though I don't get much of a chance to use it down here!! :-) Take Care, John

Overall Experience Rating:
My Bike Friday is really great!

I've owned my Petite Pocket Rocket Pro for five months now and this bike is really great! On the recommendation of another Bike Friday owner, I decided to email Lynette Chiang last summer and get some information about Bike Friday after unsuccessfully searching for a road bike that was small enough to fit me. Lynette was really helpful as was Tim Link. Tim patiently put up with all of my questions about bike sizing and choices of bike components, as bike components have significantly changed since the last time I purchased a new bike. For the first time in my life, I now have a road bike that is perfectly sized for me - the custom fit stem program worked great and I was able to take the time to make sure that the stem was where I wanted it to be. But aside from the fact that the bike is beautiful and fast (I can keep up with my friends and as an added bonus, my hands don't get numb after riding 7 miles anymore), I think that where Bike Friday really rocks is in the commitment and dedication of its people to its products. Case in point, after several adjustments by the local bike shop, the front derailleur was still having trouble rubbing on the largest triple chainring even in combinations that shouldn't rub. Markus Bethel worked over the phone with the bike shop mechanic and when it appeared that something else needed to be done, Bike Friday paid for my bike to be shipped back to Eugene for the necessary modifications and then shipped it back to me at their expense. By this time, I was already deeply attached to my bike and it was very difficult to pack it up and send it back to Eugene, knowing that I wouldn't have anything (except my old, poorly fitting Centurion) to ride on for a week or two. But my Bike Friday works even better now after it came back. Wow! Now that's service! I am very very happy with my decision to purchase a Bike Friday. The bike is great, Markus, Lynette, Tim and Walter are great, and the bike fits in the trunk of my Honda Civic to boot! I rode my Bike Friday in the 34 mile Chilly Hilly in February, and am looking forward to longer rides this summer. Thank you Markus, Lynette, Tim and Walter for all your help! I love my bike!

Overall Experience Rating:
The Ultimate in Speed AND Versatility

I am now at the 3 month mark with my pocket rocket pro. I was ready to submit a review after my first ride, which I would have called his Bike Rocks. But, I thought my review would be more useful if I waited until I rode her more. So, in 3 months time, what have we done together? Wee done fast club rides in the country, commuting rides in the city, the Seagull Century tagged onto the end of a business trip to DC, and a tour in the highlands of Chiapis Mexico (which Lynette joined us on, and wrote a lovely report of posted at: https://www.bikefriday.com/main.cfm?fuseaction=news.article&ID=239&Category=News). I had just finally settled with the insurance company of the women who hit me in a cycling accident that broke my pelvis, and I was set on using some of that money to purchase the ike of my dreams. I thought that the only way to mitigate the pain I still felt riding, was to have an amazing machine to ride. But, as you can see, my cycling interests are very diverse, so how to choose one high-end machine that could do it all?? An important thing for me was to make good come from bad, to use the accident to turn myself into a better cyclist, so I went for a high performance machine. This wasn cuz I was fast, but cuz I wanted to be fast. The only time I panicked about my decision, was as I was preparing for the Chiapis tour, which had some off-road. But then, I was amazed to learn how versatile my tire choices are. While I could have even gone with 1 3/8knobbies, I went with a solid 1 3/8road tire (primo comet Kevlar) as recommended by the BF service team, which while not as zippy as my schwalbe stelvio 1 1/8tires, performed admirably. I also didn load her up very much, relying on my husband with his work-horse NWT to carry the bulk of our luggage. This also served the function of helping to equalize our speeds. I got a Shimano Capreo 9-tooth cog cassette and Ultegra triple to give me a wide range of gears (23-117 gear inches) to get through almost every terrain. I will say I did struggle on a climb in which the total altitude change was 2000 ft over about 50 miles, but that had more to do with my fitness (or lack there-of) than the bike. I had never done that kind of sustained climbing. But, I have already noticed the raining effectof the trip, since I am now riding the same routes in much higher gears than before the trip. So the bike did great on what it was not built for, touring. But how does it do on fast club rides? My speed has been progressively increasing, and my peer group on club rides steadily improving. I went from riding with very old men, to young fit women, to the occasional fit man! I went from being asked on those small wheels slow you down?to o you go so fast because of your small wheels? What the small wheels really do for me, in addition to facilitating travel, is let me get a bike that fits. Like most women my height, it is hard for me to get an appropriately sized top tube on a conventional big-wheeled bike. So, it fits like my old Terry, but has the bonus of being lighter and traveling more easily. To me, one of the most exciting things about owning the bike is the improvement in my health. If the bike is fun to ride, you ride it more. If you can take it with you on a business trip or vacation, you do. So, since taking delivery of this bike at the end of October, I have lost 17 lbs. Yes, over a period that included Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, I lost 17 lbs!! Lastly, I have to thank Tim Link and Lynette Chiang at Green Gear, who worked with me to design my dream bike. Green Gear is the most personal company I ever dealt with. Shortly after receiving the bike, Tim called to see how I was doing, and (along with Wolf) patiently and cordially handled the fit adjustments that I required early on. Lynette and I became fast friends and she joined me on the Chiapis tour. Getting to know Lynette also helped me understand why Bike Fridays are so expensive. They are individually made, by Americans in a small shop in the Pacific northwest. These guys do so much to provide jobs, improve the environment, improve our health, and form relationships. Put that way, a Bike Friday really isn so expensive after all! In my mind, even if the product wasn so amazing, Green Gear would be the kind of company I would want to support.

Overall Experience Rating:
Just what the Doctor ordered!

Please pass on my thanks to Alan, Hanz and the Bike Friday staff for the wonderful experience I had taking my Pocket Rocket Pro throughout England last week. I lectured at Oxford, then rode the Cotswalds. I lectured in Parliament/House of Lords and rode London. I lectured at Cambridge, then rode 150 miles around the entire coast of East Anglia from Cambridge to Norwich. This trip would not have been possible without the unique ability of a Bike Friday to fit in a suitcase, fit in bag on a train, and perform like a regular high end racing/light touring machine. Everything functioned flawlessly. I'll send pictures when they are developed of my cycling 1000 year old bridges, exquisite churches, roman roads and the English Countryside in Fall. I'm impressed! John

Overall Experience Rating:
My bike is fast, handles great, and I love it!

My Blue Pocket Rocket Pro arrived a few days earlier than promised - a sign of the great service I have received. After a few rides with the fit stem I sent it back to receive my custom stem. The stem arrived earlier than promised too! The bike fit is bang on. The ride is firm but not as firm as you think. The frame is very well made and absorbs road vibrations well. I forget what bike I am on when I ride hard. With about 500 km on my bike since it arrived a month ago I can say that it is fast and rides very well. I took the PRP to Hamilton for the World Road Championships. I rode about 22 km each way to and from the race throughout the week. No hassles with parking and the ride after watching my heroes each day was a lot of fun. Flying with the bike is easy. Less than 15 minutes to unpack and less than 10 to pack. It is very easy if you practise a couple of times before you fly. My other road bike is a Giant TCR 1 which is fast, firm, and climbs well. Without a doubt my PRP climbs better. The smaller wheels jump when you stand up and hammer it. The gearing with the Capreo cassette allows me to run a 39/53 ring set up for great shifts. This also allows me to have a very wide range of gearing - handy for towing the loaded-up suitcase for trips yet the equivalent to my 12 cog on my other road bike for tail winds and descents. I bought the bike to train with when I travel (weekly) but now see it as a means to do some light touring, see cities from the best angles (on a bike), and keep my away from room service and a TV. I have passed a few guys on "regular" road bikes. When they ask how it rides I say "great". Then I shift and let them see how it accelerates. I originally thought it was slightly slower on down hills. I am not so sure now. With no top tube I can get very low and compact for my aero tuck. At 75 kph the bike is steady. The wheelbase (hub to hub) is actually 1.25 inches longer then my Giant. The handling is quick when you want it to be but the stability is very good. I love this bike. I have always said the best bike is the one you are riding. After a day of work, away from home, nothing makes me feel better than knowing I can go ride for an hour or two. We are going to be in Europe for a month next year. My wife is now considering a Pilot or Crusoe. Too many sweet rides to do alone. Thanks to Peter Berra and the whole crew at Bike Friday. This is the first bike I have from you. It won't be the last.

Overall Experience Rating:
Bike Friday versus your favorite road bike

Before I bought a Pocket Rocket Pro, I tried to find testimonials regarding how owners compared Bike Fridays with their best road bike. I was interested in buying another bike (one of my favorite pastimes), but didn't want just another typical diamond frame version. But, I wasn't drawn as much by the foldability of the Fridays as I was by the performance aspects. Most, if not all, reviews extolled the portability of the Friday, and the "good" performance, but no one seemed compelled to actually compare their Friday against their "normal" road bike. Well, I can say, after several hundred miles on my Pocket Rocket Pro, that this bike out-performs both my Merlin Road bike, and my short wheel-base recumbent. The lateral stiffness of the "squashed" frame, and the stiffness of the small wheels result in noticeable acceleration improvements over a standard diamond frame. My fears about the "whip" of the long seat and stem tubes were unfounded. I would recommend this bike to anyone as a replacement, or alternative, to a good diamond frame bike. I frequently ride with groups, and have no trouble keeping up (usually I'm in front). And the 7 inch shorter length can come in handy. My only criticisms of the bike are: - the foldable joints creak a bit, especially in humid weather (but not too excessively), and - you would think that Friday would have some way of protecting the paint in areas that contact each other or the ground during or after the bike is folded. Seems like something Friday could work on.

Overall Experience Rating:
My LeMond feels sluggish!

I'm still delighted with the Pocket Rocket [Pro]. I rode the LeMond to work today and at low speeds it seemed sluggish and stately by comparison with the BF. At speed it's hard to tell much difference.

Overall Experience Rating:
My 700cc bike now feels sluggish!

My Pocket Rocket Pro is set up with full Ultegra, Chris King headset, Flite saddle, Look pedals, and IRC tires. While a 3 speed hub might be more trouble-free, learning where the chain needs to be on the rear cassette to cleanly go between the 62/50 chainrings was no problem. To ease the cable route, I've added two Rollamajigs, one just before the rear brake, and the other just before the rear derailleur. Its odd, but after riding the PRP for many miles, my 700c bike gears feel a bit wimpy, even though its the same Ultegra setup. The Chris King headset has been trouble-free and highly recommended, given the increased torque, due to the extra long stem. I've been lucky with the tires, and rotate them a bit more often than on my 700c. I use a Nob at the end of the right handlebar drop to attach a Cateye Cordless. This sets the computer closer to the wheel, and still provides a decent view. I use the same computer between 3 bikes, so wireless is best. While my Pocket Rocket is used most often on my short commute to work, I have taken the bike on planes and trains. Amtrak didn't bother me once I had the bike stowed in the quick-fold carry bag. The plane trips have been no problem either. The bikes knocks down and sets up in 20-25 minutes. I learned to secure all small bits, since they easily get loose in transport. The ride is great. I'm only a bit slower on the PRP over my 700c. There is a very pleasant bit of compliance in the frame that produces a comfortable ride. The wheels are quick, and corning is predictable. After riding many miles on the PRP, my 700c tires feel oddly sluggish and sticky. While I like both bikes, there are ride characteristics that certainly favor the Pocket Rocket, with the added bonus of being able to ride anywhere, anytime!

Overall Experience Rating:
Fast, responsive, excellent road manners, very well designed!

This machine represents the pinnacle of 31 years of cycling for me. It is incredibly well designed and features excellent, predictable road manners consistent with high end road bikes. Steering response is very quick due to the lack of gyroscopic force in the front end. Low wheel mass makes for excellent acceleration and climbing. A delight to ride and own.

Phone (403) 284-5607 Calgary, AB, Canada for further info.


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