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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 22, 2004
Posted by: Jack Darr
Email: Jedarr@aol.com
Bike Friday is very responsive and SatRDay bike is very nice

I am not sure why the SatRDay recumbent is not one of the bikes reviewed in this space, but I have a positive review of both Bike Friday and the SatRDay. In January, 2004, I took delivery on a used SatRDay sold to me by Bike Friday. My first experience on the bike was problematical - the chain got stuck during my first ride. But when I figured out that the the chain shields on what I call the transfer gear were "dished" Bike Friday immediately sent me a new part and offered to pay my LBS for any labor required to install it. The bike and trailer performed flawlessly on my trek from Santa Barbara to El Paso (see "SatRDay Bike's Alright (For Touring) at www.crazyguyonabike.com.) Then, during the fall of 2004, when I was displaced to the Boston area and didn't want to bring my long bike east, it was my primary bike for weekly rides with a local bike club. I couldn't always keep up with all the roadies in the group, but I was usually in the middle of the pack. I called for Bike Friday's help again in December, 2004, when the seat tubing snapped in two places. I called Bike Friday on Wednesday night and UPS delivered a new seat frame to me in Massachusetts on Monday morning. I couldn't have asked for better service. My one concern is that Bike Friday is now redesigning the SatRDay. That may be good for future buyers, but I don't know what this will mean to me when and if I have other needs for specially manufactured parts.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: July 5, 2004
Posted by: James Cagney
Email: jcagney@cisco.com
After 8 days on a DoubleDay, we are selling our Screamer

We have loved our RANS Screamer TR for five years and done very challenging rides including Bike Idaho. But we couldn't fly it anywhere - so we finally bought a DoubleDay to take to Italy. We spent three days conquering the extremely challenging Gargano peninsula and the five more days heading south crossing Italy through Puglia. The DoubleDay outperformed the Screamer in so many ways. The incredibly smooth shifting on hills due to the internal hub made hitting hills so much better. The train conductors were astonished when we began folding the bike as we put it on train cars - no problem at all - and even so easy to carry by turning it upside down and using the handlebars - one person to a side. And it packed and unpacked like a dream. Room to spare in the new suitcases. The day after we returned, I cleaned up our Screamer and put it up for sale. Everywhere we rode in southern Italy, groups gathered around us asking about the bike and asking to take pictures. We were actually applauded several times and heard "Bellisimo and Que Bella" so many times that we stopped hearing it after a while. The DoubleDay is an amazing technical feat. The DoubleDay is the most underated bicycle in the world.

Date: June 16, 2004
Posted by: Beth Gibson
Email: paulandbeth@mindspring.com
Eleven weeks in Europe with Bike Fridays.

We and our Bike Fridays have just returned from an eleven week trip to Spain, France, a little bit of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. My husband loved it all, including all the hassle with the bikes. I have mixed feelings which I would be happy to share with anyone contemplating a trip like this. When we were actually riding the bikes, the trip was great. Shlepping them to train platforms et cetera, was a nightmare. One time I threw the pedal removing tool across the train station! We had two Carlton suitcases which we used on the airplanes, one trailer which my husband pulled, and two soft bags which we used for the buses and the trains that didn't take bikes. There were times when I wondered if anyone at Bike Friday had ever made a trip like this. For sure, take lots of extra screws--we kept losing them to bumpy roads and trails. We had no plan when we left, but found wonderful bike paths (little or no traffic) as we went along. I'd be happy to identify these if anyone is interested. We also had a great time riding in the larger cities. Paris is really meant for bikers!

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