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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 7, 2013
Posted by: Poul Anderson
Posted by: Poul

I'd like to post a huge thank you to Bike Friday for their impeccable sales support.

I'd also like to thank them for recommending Avon Valley Cyclery in Bath, UK who did a fine job as dealership. In particular Walter at Bike Friday did a fantastic job,

I asked a general question about the new Silk and soon found myself with a completely custom specification for a Silk-Alfine-11.

Having little experience with higher end cycles and having read a lot online I had a million questions and was also glad for all the suggestions.

Each question was answered with enthusiasm and the spec. revised accordingly. Ben at Avon Valley Cyclery talked me through the bike, answered yet more questions and provided a test-ride bike and ensured everything went smoothly (as Silk) with the order on our side of the channel.

My criteria was a road bike that could take on rougher terrain yet fold away to be suitable for compact urban-living in London and provide a very zippy urban commute. I look forward to posting about the bike some weeks from now; pedals, saddle, lights etc are already waiting for the bike :-)

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 5, 2013
Posted by: Robert Comer
Posted by: "Silk" bike order
Email: robcomer1@bellsouth.net
"Silk" bike order

I just ordered a "Silk" and I was impressed with the customer service that was provided by Peter Berra. He took my measurements and made suggestions about fitting the bike for my type of riding. If you do order a bike just ask for Peter.

Date: March 4, 2013
Posted by: Ryan Cook
Happy with my Silk

Dear Hanna Scholz and the Green Gear Cycling, Inc. Team:

I wanted to take the time to thank you and your team for the excellent support and service I've gotten from your company.

The product is great, your people are awesome and your honest way of doing business is refreshing. I am proud to own my Bike Friday.

I also wanted to mention a few of your team members by name. Peter Berra wasespecially helpful. I wanted a very specific bike that would accomplish three specific goals. I wanted a bike capable of keeping up with customers and friends (around the
world) riding road bikes. I wanted a bike I could tour on, riding long distances, day in and day out in comfort. Lastly, I travel a lot for work and wanted the ability to commute and ride in all kinds of conditions in cities all around the world.

Over a great number of calls and emails Peter helped me create the ideal bike. His patience, diligence and excellent customer service is why I picked Bike Friday.

Jordan Bishko, has also gone above an beyond to provide excellent service after the sale. It's great to know how well
your company has taken care of me long after you cashed my check.

Lastly, everyone I bumped into at your corporate headquarters went out of their way to help me unpack and explain the features of my purchase.

I could not be happier with my new Silk, Cashmere Llama -- Smooth! Alfine 11.

Thank you again - A loyal Bike Friday customer,

Ryan J. Cook

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