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Date: June 7, 2008
Posted by:
Utility Bike

My tikit is a utility bike with incredible usefulness. It maintains my sanity. Because my job demands frequent travel and because living in hotels and eating restaurant food erodes my spirit, I pack a bicycle whenever practical. My Bike Friday tikit makes it easy. Last night, after work, after dinner, after the sun went down, and after the nearby office buildings were virtually emptied, the Texas Tikit rolled. In the summer night breeze and through the urban landscape, we cruised for an hour, cleared the mind, and refreshed the body.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 3, 2008
Posted by: Alvin Leer
Promise made, dissatisfaction fades....

We live in a world of business where often the pursuit of profits is the sole focus and centrality of a company's existence and activity. With this myopic and short term view, many times moral values are conveniently cast aside, justified in the name of the almighty $. Honesty, integrity, trust and even promises made are merely cards on hand that are optional, used only if they serve to increase ROI. I received a Fed Ex parcel recently from Bike Friday. My tikit had a few nagging problems (mentioned in earlier post) which I brought to the attention of BF's technician Hugh Larkin before my Sumatran trip. He emailed to say he would send the replacement parts and that the order is set to ship by Friday, 4/18 and it DID. The cost of the parts and postage, NO CHARGE as the bike was under warranty. The bottom line of Bike Friday's books may be down about US$50 but this is a smart investment they made - for they have won mine, and many other customers loyalty and support for years to come. On the other hand, I have experienced bike dealers that fail to keep their promise to customer satisfaction, thereby unknowingly killing many "gooses" that would lay them many golden eggs. But that is another story altogether. A simple promise made, feelings of dissatisfaction fade. Magic. Kudos to Bike Friday again! No wonder they are so profitable and successful.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 1, 2008
Posted by: Bill Guthrie
Email: bill50g@rogers.com
Trailer Kit has some shortcomings

On a recent bike trip to Benelux countries my wife and I took our New World Tourist bikes complete with hardshell cases. This was our first real test of the Bike Friday "trailer system". We certainly put this combination to the test. We flew to London, took a train to Dover and ferried over to France. We cycled almost 400 miles and dragged the bike/trailer combination onto at least 6 trains and one subway. Although many cyclist seem to love this combination, I would like to outline some of the problems we encountered.

First of all we found that when two cyclists, complete with trailer, are navigating through European towns and cities, the overall length can cause problems at crosswalks and on some narrow bike paths. We lost several cotter pins from clipping various obstacles on or beside the roadways and paths. We did purchase more cotter pins but had trouble finding washers. Whenever we took the trailers into a hotel room, the width of the trailers was so close to the door size that we often clipped the door jam and did a bit of damage. We often felt that if the width of the axle was about 1 inch shorter we would not have had as many problems. Although the trailers pulled well on flat paved roads, the extra weight was a real problem on hills. On future trips, I would prefer to leave the suitcases at the first hotel and travel with panniers. This would make our total package weight lighter by at least 10 pounds and allow us to navigate through towns and cities with a more compact package.

We are sorry to hear you had difficulty getting spare parts for your trailer.  We do stock them for sale here at Bike Friday if you ever need additional parts.  Regrading the weight of the trailer, there are inherent pro and cons to touring with panniers or trailers.  Panniers are generally lighter but concentrate more weight on your bicycle's rear wheel.  While trailers are generally heavier, they balance more of the loaded weight on their own axle, lightening the load on the bicycle's rear wheel improving durability of that component. - Jordan, Customer Service Manager

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