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Date: May 20, 2015
Posted by: BicycleTouringPro.com
Date: May 20, 2015
Posted by: BicycleTouringPro.com
The Ultimate Bike Friday New World Tourist Review

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Date: May 5, 2015
Posted by: Anton Tutter
My First Cargo Bike

I've been a Bike Friday fan since owning a Family Tandem for the last five years.  My kids stoked long before they were on their own two wheels, and Bike Friday's design around 20" wheels made it really easy-- the tandem is adjustable from four-foot tall kids to adults as tall as 6'6". And the low center of gravity makes them uber-stable.  I fantasized about creatively converting the Family Tandem into a mega-long tail cargo bike after the kids starting getting Too Kool for Skool to ride the tandem with me. That happened last year, and the tandem has been on loan to a neighborhood friend ever since.  Then last fall I learned that Bike Friday was getting into the long-tail cargo bike market and had a Kickstarter campaign going to expand their manufacturing capability to produce them. So I jumped on the opportunity to pledge for one with an April expected delivery.

It arrived on Saturday, in a box not much larger than a large suitcase. The frame is composed of three subsections which bolt together.  The rear section bolts to a triangulated mid-section via four large M10 bolts.  The mid-section uses a slip joint to connect to the front section, a monotube instead of a triangle. The neat thing here is that the slip joint doubles as a virtual top tube length adjuster. You can adjust the virtual top tube by up to 4"!!! Just loosen two pinch bolts and the monotube slides forward or backward. There are four built-in detents, roughly an inch apart.

The bike arrived fully assembled, but with the three frame subsections removed from each other and intricately puzzled and packaged together to fit into the box.  All the cables were already attached and adjusted. All I had to do was bolt them together. I didn't even have to adjust the derailleur or brake cables.

It was late in the day when I had it all together, and we hadn't cooked dinner, so my shakedown ride was just to pick up take-out from our neighborhood Thai joint. As I was leaving the driveway, I found 150 lb of human cargo running down the driveway trying to launch onto the rear deck. So my shakedown ride included testing to see how 150 lb of cargo felt.

Bike Friday claims their Haul-a-Day rides like a "regular" bike.  Honestly I have to disagree, although in fairness it's close enough to a regular bike that ANYONE comfortable hopping on a bike and riding can hop on this and ride it without any fuss. But having owned a Bike Friday Tandem, I consider the Haul-a-Day to feel more like the tandem than a regular bike. I don't know if it's the 20" wheels, the longer wheelbase (and bus-like turning radius), or just something else common to Bike Fridays, but if I were to be blindfolded and ride it, I might mistake it for the tandem. That in itself is not bad, since the tandem was exceptionally stable, even with lots of weight on it. And that's exactly how the Haul-a-Day feels-- stable.  Even with two kids barely able to keep themselves still, rocking back and forth and lurching this way and that, the bike remained stable and upright. And without a cargo load, it rides like a reasonably light bike-- the whole bike weighs under 35lb! The low weight results from use of thin chromoly tubing, with multiple triangulations on the rear and mid-sections. The stock component build is fairly low end, and if equipped with more expensive, lighter parts, I could see the bike approaching 30 lb. But that's not really the point when you're going to be hauling five times that weight.  The point is a reasonably light bike that feels like a bike, that can carry a lot of cargo.

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