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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: August 4, 2015
Posted by: Peter Herman
Posted by: Peter
Jack Rabbit Silk

OMG, what an amazing ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am hardcore bike commuter and weekend longer-distance road rider. The bike is so aptly named; it is smooth as silk!

But more than that, it so unbelievably fast! Bike Friday might want to consider calling it the Jack Rabbit Silk. The torque is unbelievable – I find myself at 18 mph in like 3 seconds!

No car has managed to beat me across an intersection after a red light yet. The 20” wheels clearly bring amazing start-up performance that a 26” or 700c wheel just can’t match. And it is really easy to maintain an average rolling speed of 18-19 mph (my average trip speed with stops is clearly a lower).

The Alfine 11 gear range is perfect (low 27", high 117"), and definitely wider than on my 26” wheel old bike with an Alfine 8. Bike Friday clearly got the chainwheel and rear cog ratio exactly right. I am not wanton for a lower or higher gear.

Additionally, the Gates belt drive is amazing. Silent, grease-free, the perfect compliment to a folding bike. I'll ride with a chain again. And then there is the agility of the bike. WOW, it is so incredibly responsive! And the steering is not the least bit squirrelly – even with no panniers on the front rack. And because of the small wheels, I can maneuver in and about cars so much more confidentially since the overall length of the bike is much shorter than a conventional rig and turning the front wheel takes up so much less space.

And then there was the big surprise of such a non-harsh ride over bumps and potholes. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been riding an aluminum frame for so long – Chromoly is so much more forgiving (yet the frame does not feel the least bit spongy).

If I had my eyes closed while riding, I’d assume that I was on a high-end, conventional-frame road bike. You guys nailed the geometry! But the fact that it is not conventionally framed is what I particularly love about the bike – the geometry is so damned innovative – especially the cantilevered chain(belt) stay. Wow, do I love that assembly.

The bike is a total looker!

Quick, order on before August 15th!

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 20, 2015
Posted by: bikeradar.com
Quick and neat folder

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Date: May 20, 2015
Posted by: Bicycling magazine
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