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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 1, 1999
Posted by: Tom Ostertag
Email: tostertag@tcilink.com
Two'sDay Traveling

We've had our Two'sDay for two seasons now and have enjoyed touring with it. The bike works great with a trailer and is more comfortable than either of our other two tandems. We have around 5,000 miles on ours and have yet to either fold it or pack it for travel. That will change this coming April when we take it to visit friends in Virginia. We've ridden the Two'sDay on roads and on gravel bike paths and have had good experience with both. We've named ours the "Purple Passion" for obvious reasons.

The people at Green Gear were very easy to work with and have been great when we've had problems and we've had a couple... new derailleur, new rear wheel, new headset, but we've been treated very well. Customer satisfaction seems to be a major goal for Green Gear.

Any questions, send an e-mail message.

Tom and Fran Ostertag

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: November 10, 1999
Posted by: Judy Dumm
Email: ffboat@sonic.net
Five weeks in Nova Scotia on our Tandem Tuesday

Nova Scotia is a marvelous place to bicycle because there are few cars and lots of backroads. However, it is also difficult to bicycle into all the various areas as the province is much larger than we had expected. By folding our tandem and sliding it under the luggage compartment on the bus, we were able to see much more of the country than we would have otherwise. We were so glad we had our folding tandem rather than our "limo," a Cannondale tandem. If you would like further information about travel tips for Nova Scotia, please contact us.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: August 15, 2008
Posted by: V S
Ok but ...

I own a Tandem XLQ. I bought it because of the Q feature since I feel that I'm buying two for the price of one. I have used it for about 1000 miles in the 5 months that I've owned it. It's a fun bike to have but there are numerous problems that I've encountered. One is that the bike does not feel like my favorite touring bike - the measurements of which I gave to Bike Friday. It fits differently - I gave my measurements and they got it right but the feel is different. It must be the head/seat tube angles and the fork rake. Climbing and accelerating feels sluggish and dead compared to the other tandem bikes I've tried. Maybe it's the frame, maybe the small tires. Like what other reviewers of Bike Friday has mentioned, it is very twitchy. I need to grip tight when I drink. Forget about standing, it's too twitchy. The quick release bolt that holds the handlebar is not centered. This is annoying since everytime I look down I see the quick release angled to the left. I got my bike equipped with Ultegra and Sram. For the most part they work great but I need to adjust it every 3-4 rides. This is a hassle since I always need to stop to adjust it every so often. Nevertheless, I think this gearing is the way to go with tandem bikes. The brake is lousy (Avid Canti). No matter what adjustment I make, it still makes a loud screeching sound. I don't know why Bike Friday uses these. I bought Shimano Canti's and the problem with screeching is gone -on day 1. Internet reviews of the Avid brake echo my problem. My wife is happy with the fit. The welds are not clean (rough in some areas)but look strong and the paint job has some markings (thumbprint?). Overall it is a fun bike to have. A lot of people compliment it. The customer service is great. I wish I lived close to Bike Friday's headquarters since I think they can fix the minor problems that I have it.

While switching between single and tandem mode on the Q requires "set-up," you should not require continual adjustments.  Please feel free to contact our technical service department and we can problem solve with you to eliminate the constant adjustment. - Jordan, Customer Service Manager

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