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Date: December 1, 1999
Posted by: Daniel Huson
Email: huson@member.ams.org
Ideal bike for commuting by Metro

A couple of months ago, I moved to the Washington D.C. area to start work for a company out in Rockville. I live about 10 miles away from my place of work. Traffic here is really bad and so driving to work is painful. On the other hand, 10 miles is too far to cycle every day.

The solution: It's about a 10-minute cycle to the nearest Metro stop (Grosvenor) and a 12-minute Metro ride to the stop nearest to work (Shady Grove). From there, I cycle about 8 minutes to work. The whole commute takes about 30-35 minutes and I get to read the paper on the train!

Taking the bike on the Metro is easy. It takes seconds to fold up and put in the bag and seconds to unpack at the other end. I've being doing this daily for about 2-1/2 months now without any problems.

So, if you want to beat traffic, get a bit of exercise and read a paper before work, I can highly recommend the NWT!

Originally I feared that I might need two bikes: a Bike Friday to commute and a "real" bike for touring etc. Not so! The NWT is as real is it gets and I'm very happy with it.

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Date: December 1, 1999
Posted by: Ed Pavelka
Email: EdPavelka@performanceinc.com
As fast as a conventional racing bike

I rode El Tour de Tucson on what was actually the first Pocket Rocket ever released by Green Gear. This happened when I was executive editor of Bicycling magazine and in the bike-testing biz. El Tour was my first serious ride on the Pocket Rocket, and it helped my cover the 113 miles in just 5 hours. Most of my ride was solo because riders I caught couldn't keep up! After averaging 22.6 mph that day, I was convinced that the Pocket Rocket was as good as my best conventional bike. Since then, I've ridden a Pocket Rocket at events and training camps around the country. The longest ride has been a 300km brevet (186 miles) in which the bike rode great with a rear rack and trunk, and lighting system. I can heartily recommend a Pocket Rocket to any cyclist who wants performance without sacrificing convenience.

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Date: December 1, 1999
Posted by: Doug
Email: doug@delos.kcr.uky.edu
Great for cycling when travelling for business or pleasure

Last week I was in Denver on business; unpacked and set up my Pocket Rocket and spent the week-end exploring the bike trails in Denver. There are numerous well-marked trails that you can use to get around the city and out to the mountains. I'm 6'5" 225lb, and do get some looks on what one of my friends call "your circus bike, the one like the bears ride!"