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Date: December 1, 1999
Posted by: Juli Tenney
A bit of technical stuff

I have really been surprised at my own ability to fix things which go wrong, mostly due to banged up suitcases. For instance, on the internal hub gear, the pin can easily come out as the result of being inadvertently unscrewed. It is important to know that this can be screwed back in and it will function just fine. I don't think this is mentioned in the "manual" that comes with the bike. And when it happened to me in NEW ZEALAND, I was frightened. But I just sat there, and looked at it, and figured it out. But, since it can become unscrewed, it is important to check it to be sure it is screwed in with some regularity. Well, no one told me this; but I am telling everyone I can. I have biked on by New World Tourist through the south island of NZ, France and Italy and will probably go back to Italy this spring - got great pictures of all.

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Date: December 1, 1999
Posted by: Ron Russell
Email: ronald_russell_pe@yahoo.com
Great touring ride

I have traveled for business and pleasure with my Bike Friday NWT, including a "package tour" of Hawaii.

The 406-sized wheels with 1.5" tires are a great choice for the often-uncertain road surfaces I have encountered. The bike rides "soft:" I have often used it to commute 12 miles each way to work because it is comfortable yet efficient.

The 3x7 hub is a great choice for such conditions. The bike has impressed a lot of cyclists... starting with me!

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Date: December 1, 1999
Posted by: Phil and Barb Bransky
Email: pbransky@interaccess.com
California coast report

In September, 1999, we rode with Scenic Cycling Adventures from San Francisco to Santa Monica. The 8-day trip was excellent due to scenery, weather (except one day of rain) and the superb hosting of Pat and Kathy.

Our World Tourists preformed well, but we have experienced some difficulty in two areas. First, after re-assembly of the bikes, there is more adjusting of the shifting than we would like. Have others experienced this situation? Second, we had considerable difficulty with the three-speed hub after the rain. Cleaning and lubrication helped a bit, but the shifting was erratic. Do you have any suggestions?

We were glad we installed Tuffy liners in our wheels. We were probably the only ones without flats. Also, the wider touring tires do make a difference on rougher roads. One other comment about the coastal area - people living there do not know the definition of "flat" as in flat roads. Come to Northern Illinois and we will show you what flat roads look like.