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Date: December 2, 1999
Posted by: Jim Nash
Email: Jim950@webtv.net
A great ride on the Big Island of Hawaii.

My first trip with my Llama that I had set up for touring was my best biking experience to date. With my trailer loaded with snorkel gear and a soft cooler, my first stop was a nearby open market to stock up on the island's excellent food. Throw in ice, juice and water, I then would pedal off in any direction of paradise I pleased. After two weeks of heaven I am now back in cool wet and windy Seattle. I am open to any ideas for some more budget oriented biking adventure this winter ASAP! Happy Biking.

Date: December 2, 1999
Posted by: Marilyn and Stan Smith
Not a tandem to sneeze at.

We bought a Two'sDay in March 1995 when they were really new. We were skeptical, thought it looked funny, but on a test ride, we found it stiffer and more responsive than our '87 Santana Sovereign, not a tandem to sneeze at. We have taken the Two'sDay around the Big Island of Hawaii, to England and to Normandy. It's the fourth bike we've ridden around the rim of Crater Lake and that was the easiest ride we'd ever done there. We don't ride the Santana anymore. Can't bear to part with it, so we keep it for visitors. Our Two'sDay is our preferred tandem. We ride it on club rides on Saturdays, and only take it apart when we're starting a vacation that requires air travel.

Date: December 1, 1999
Posted by: Ed Thorpe
Fun to ride.

The Sat R Day is fun to ride. It's nice to simply lower your feet to the ground at a stop while still sitting reclined in the bike seat.

Steering is a little different than uprights. I have under-seat steering, but I think above steering is similar. I've learned that you cannot lean on the handlebars to compensate for bike lean. The handlebars are only for steering the front wheel, shifting and braking. All the balance is with your feet/legs and body. Still trying to learn how to maintain a straight line while maintaining a fast cadence, but great to have a low-drag profile.

Nice attention-getting bicycle. Great idea of having the front boom and idler chain lock the folding frame into position. Still wonder about riding techniques and if seat placement and center of gravity alter riding/handling performance much. The bike and trailer fit nicely into the suitcase - complete package.