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Date: December 3, 1999
Posted by: David Fahrner
Email: fahrner@montereybay.com
Other less obvious advantages to travelling with a Friday

One of the things I like best about taking a Bike Friday on trips is how little space it takes up in hotel rooms and cars. Even when fully assembled, it's smaller than a conventional bike and is much easier to deal with in small hotel rooms, tiny Parisian elevators, etc. And when folded in half, forget about it: we fit two Pocket Rockets into the tiny luggage space behind the back seat of a Renault Twingo, leaving room for four adults in a miniscule French car that's about the size of a large sofa.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 3, 1999
Posted by: Bruce Mackey
Email: suncyctour@aol.com
Great Support

I purchased a used Pocket Rocket about six months ago. The support from Bike Friday has been super! Not that I've needed a lot of support, the bike has been outstanding. I travel a lot in my job and take my Bike Friday everywhere. In fact, I've even found myself using it at home to commute to and from work rather than my "regular" bike. I've let quite a few people try it and all of their comments have been favorable.

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Date: December 2, 1999
Posted by: Richard Baker
Email: Richard.Baker@btinternet.com
An Englishman Abroard

I am lucky enough to have three Fridays now: A New World Tourist (my first), an AirFriday (my favourite), and a tandem (my childrens' favourite). I have been to the USA, France three times, Denmark and Spain, as well as all over England. My Fridays are easy to take with me and always make friends with curious on-lookers. I am a Friday nut. They are just so easy to use and fun to ride. I am off to the South of France in May with my AirFriday all things being well. I would like to have more Friday users in the UK. We are but a small group which meets up every now and then. The Bike Friday Homecoming was a great opportunity to meet other Friday people and I hope I can make another.

The AirFriday is fast and smart and always gets admiring looks from others.