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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 8, 2009
Posted by: adam
Email: adambaker29@comcast.net
The bike is a winner. Rides great, folds quickly and packs and unpacks in 10 minutes

A few months ago, I suffered my first, frustrating attempt to pack my S&S coupled bike. I've read about a friend's Brompton, which prompted me to buy a Bike Friday tikit. Most of my rides on family vacations are windows of opportunities. Packing and unpacking a bike with a curious 3 year old boy hovering too close is a study in concentration, patience, luck and swearing in Hebrew.

So for our April Israel trip, the tikit was just THE ticket. I set it up as a Speeding tikit with SRAM 10. Mine has the Capreo hub. I modified the Capreo cogset, with BF's blessing, using the Capreo 9-10-11 cogs. BF modified a D/A 12 cog for me and then I used 12-13-14-15-16-17-18 teeth D/A cogs. So My cogset is 9-18, ten speed. My chainings are 56 and 39, gear range is 34.67" to 99.56" I am happy to report it is a very nice riding bike.

Out of the saddle; no handed; the bike handles everything I have thrown at it. I've ridden the Tikit on steep climbs, with pitches as steep as 16%. I descended the same road and made a fast sweeping turn onto a deserted main road and it felt rock solid. 2+ hour rides are no problem. Being able to quickly fold to stow in the car and unfold at the base of a climb was almost too easy. Packing and unpacking in 10 minutes was a relief. I find it very stable and comfortable. I worried that the handling might be too "nervous", but it is very fun to ride.

The tikit performs flawlessly. I think it rides better than my Pocket Rocket. It was EASY to pack and unpack as - I had to do it twice on our recent trip when we changed hotels. I would take it with me again in a heartbeat. One very windy morning it was in the 60's and I wore a wind jacket. On the way back to the hotel, it warmed up and I took my jacket off while riding and stuffed it in my rear pocket. On the Folding Forum, the Brompton riders claim riding no handed on a Brompton is a no-go.

I think the bike is a winner. Rides great, folds quickly and packs and unpacks in 10 minutes The bike weighs 19lbs 13oz. New hubs, fr. skewer and wheels are on order. Packed, my case weighed 21kgs.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: March 31, 2009
Posted by: Ethan B
Email: wulfi@hotmail.com
Best mixed mode commute option out there.

I ordered a Season tikit last year in preparation for a move out of the city. I had a 2 mile commute, I now have a 32 mile commute. While I'm a pretty avid cyclist I don't see myself riding 64 miles a day to and from work on a regular basis. I wanted to keep my life car-light so I needed a folding bike I could take with me on the commuter rail, bus, or T (Boston's light rail/subway system.)

I'd heard about Bike Friday when I was working at a bike shop in my late teens and early twenties, so I decided to look into them. Their reputation precedes them. The customer service is top notch (Thanks Paul!) and the bike has been absolutely awesome (I liked it so much I bought a Model T tikit for my girlfriend for Christmas.) I carpool into the city and ride to work from there, it's so easy because I can simply put my bike in the trunk of my ride's car (I even managed to fit my bike and my girlfriend's bike into the trunk of a compact two door car once).

I can bike to and from the commuter rail station and home and use it around the city during the day when I need to run errands. It shortens the amount of time I spend on these shorter trips drastically over trying to take public transit, drive or walk. I can make it to the train in record time! Plus, since I can just fold it up and bring it inside I don't need to bring a lock with me everywhere! I've only been doing this commute for about a week and a half and already I'm completely hooked on my Season tikit, it rarely leaves my side. The fold is really fast and easy. I love the looks on people's faces when they see me roll my bike out of the train station and then presto chango I'm on my bike and riding on to my destination.

The tikit is surprisingly comfortable despite the reputation that 16" wheeled folding bikes have. The fit was very well done and was exactly what I asked for. They also fit my girlfriend's bike to her very well, which is especially impressive since she's about 5'2" with short legs and I'm 6'2" with long legs! In short I've been very happy with my Bike Friday Season tikit experience!

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: January 19, 2009
Posted by: J. Butterworth
Season tikit = wow!

I'm proud to have it join my family of bikes! Just like any other Bike Friday, the tikit provides a quality ride. It's is easy to forget that I'm riding a hyper folder when I'm zipping confidently around town. The mechanics of the fold are a truly amazing. That is some impressive mechanical design!

With regard to the Season tikit in particular, the worry-free Nexus hub is a great choice for an everyday commuter bike. The gear range it provides is more than ample. As a bonus, I can be as rough as I want with the folded bike without worrying about a derailleur. Plus, the Nexus can shift gears when you are at a standstill. I went on a quick trip to the store with my tikit yesterday.

To the delight of a nearby ten year-old, I folded it up in front of the store. "Whoa! That was soooo cool!" He exclaimed. His mother seemed to be equally impressed, but managed to control any verbal outburst. Yeah, getting referrals from this bike is going to be easy!

Anyway, great work Bike Friday! I am very excited about my newest bike.

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