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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 1, 2009
Posted by: Steve Conley
Email: conleysa@me.com
My Speeding tikit rocks!

The first thing I did when I received it was to slap an iBike power meter on it to measure the drag coeficients (aerodynamic and rolling).  To my pleasant surprise they were almost identical to my Specualized Roubaix (the aero drag coef was actually lower on the tikit).  Ultimately I can't detect any performance sacrifices when I switch bikes. 

What I like most about it is that I can take it everywhere I go.  So far I've never been turned away by a restaurant (I believe they think it's a wheel chair and they are worried about upsetting the disabled population). 

I also have yet to find a trunk it won't fit in. 

Anyway, in case you couldn't tell — I think it's a brilliant design and I actually fold it all the time (unlike my NWT which I only fold to travel). it's the coolest tikit out there — code named MPT  (Mighty Purple tikit).

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: November 7, 2009
Posted by: Christopher Buntel
Great commuter bike and excellent customer service!

I just crossed 1,000 miles on my Express tikit that I bought in July. It has been great for commuting to work and running errands. I'm very pleased with the customer support that I received from Jordan Bishko in sorting out some minor problems in the first month or two of ownership. He was very helpful in resolving the problems, sending a replacement part, and following up with me to make sure everything was working well. Thanks again!

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: September 27, 2009
Posted by:
Season's tikit after two seasons of riding

The season's tikit — a tikit with an internal geared hub (in my case a Nexus) — is just a terrific bike. I got mine (after much consultation with Dave Seybert at BF, who helped me to order a pocket tourist a couple of years back) to reproduce the cockpit of my Rivendell Glorius, so BF ordered a set of Nitto Albatross bars, put on cork handles from Riv, and even installed a J-Tek bar-con! I also had BF build me a front generator hub (Shimano) and get a Lumotec light. I also asked — because the tourist seemed to have a little flex in the front — for slightly stouter tubing.

Other things I added on my own: Brooks sprung saddle (I *highly* recommend these on BF's, since they give a tiny softening and are less hassle than a suspension seat post), MKS EZY removable pedals (Calhoun Cyclery has a wide variety available online), nearly a roll of 3M reflective tape all over the bike (the orange is such a close match for BF's Enno Orange that from 2 feet away, you can't see the tape during the day, but at night it just lights up), shellacked cork bar tape, and a hack to make a quick release for my saddlebag.

Well, the bike is fantastic. It rides beautifully, although when these tires go, I'm going to check out the Greenspeed scorchers that lots of folks recommend. Of course I can tell the difference when I ride it immediately before or after the Riv, mostly because of the wheels and the fact that the jumps between gears on the 8-speed hub are bigger than on a 3x8 front/rear derailleur setup. But Dave and his colleagues at BF did an amazing job of reproducing the cockpit dimensions so that it feels very little different from my full size. I've had no maintenance issues at all after six months except a slight tendency of the front light to move out of position (it's attached along with the front fender). But it's easy to move it back.

I'd give Dave an 11 on a 1-10 scale for working with me. He did a terrific job of accommodating my many requests — the handlebars, the J-Tek shifter (which has worked flawlessly) that BF had never used before, the front hub and lights. Plus getting me a different cog so that the gears would better approximate my normal range. BF really will build a tikit to order in every respect.

Advantages of the IGH include a chain that's always tensioned, so no problem dropping it when you fold or pack or the like and I don't worry about gunk getting into the derailleur or the cage hitting the ground off road. (The tikit does fire roads just fine.)

Advantages of the front generator hub: obvious. A tiny drag, I'm sure, but this bike is for casual riding and I don't ride fast enough to care. And knowing that I'm never stuck after dark with no batteries is great.

Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing about the bike except the carrying/walking handle. It's a tiny bit awkward, and it would be great to have a better handle right on the frame for carrying without rolling.

I have the model-T with the twiddly nob, and I actually like that, rather than the hyperfold because I can be certain that everything's in place. It really takes no more than 15 seconds to fold or unfold. Sure, the Albatross handlebars make for a slightly bulkier fold than MTB bars, but they are so comfortable when I'm actually riding that it's worth the slight tradeoff.

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