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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 20, 2015
Posted by: bikeradar.com
Quick and neat folder

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Date: May 20, 2015
Posted by: Bicycling magazine
Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 31, 2012
Posted by: Dylan MacDonald
Email: dylanmac@gmail.com
Loved my Tikit. Now just like it.

When I bought my tikit a few years ago I was super happy with it. After all, what's not to love? The fold, the handling, US-made, great company. I could go on and on.

Over time, however, I have grown disenchanted with my tikit. Below are the issues I have with it:

1. 16" wheels. Yes, 16" wheels help make the decidedly non-compact tikit be a bit smaller when folded. But the sacrifice in comfort and handling is not worth the trade-off. The tikit's fold is all about speed, not size. 20" wheels would go a long way toward improving the bike.

2. Fork clearance. I was gobsmacked to learn that the fork clearance is so narrow on the Tikit fork that it couldn't accomodate Schwalbe's Big Apple tires. Big Apple's are considered the gold-standard of 16" tires. I have heard that they improve comfort and handling immeasurably. To limit the Tikit to narrower and less capable tires seems easily fixable. Why hasn't Green Gear acted?

3. Weight. Although I think Chromoly is a fine material to use for bike frames (frame flexibility and fixability are just two of the benefits), choice in materials would be awesome. Then again an aluminum tikit would only serve to emphasize the harshness of the tikit ride (see above).

4. Suspension. The Brompton has it. The Birdy has it. Small wheel bikes need suspension, to take the edge off. The Tikit seems perfect for rear suspension as the bike pivots near the bottom bracket anyway. Why not add it? I would take the weight penalty for the added comfort.

5. Component quality. Yes it is a great bike with decent handling and unparalleled versatility. But, let's face, the stock bikes are kitted with bargain bin components. I spent many hundreds of dollars upgrading almost everything I could on my tikit. For a $1300 bike I shouldn't have to. Take a page from Tern who outfits their bikes with great components, stock. How you feel about any bike is at least 50% due to the quality of the components. Don't let another manufacturer (ahem Tektro) subtract from the Bike Friday experience. It's in your control.

6. Price. My slogan for Bike Friday is "Twice the bike for three times the prices." That sounds sarcastic (and I suppose it is) but I do think the convenience and versatility of the tikit is worth paying more for. But to use a tech analogy, the tikit isn't an iPhone. The whole package doesn't have that same level of quality. For all the reasons above it just doesn't warrant the premium.

So here is what my ideal tikit would have: 1. Frame. Steel, redesigned to be lighter. Or aluminum. 2. Wheels. 20" with more fork clearance to accommodate a wider variety of tires. 3. Suspension. Minimal, just enough to take the edge off. But present. Rear, at the pivot. Front, in the headset. (Note: with 20" wheels, suspension may not be necessary. I don't think it can hurt, though.) 4. Components. At least two quality levels up on everything. 5. Weight. A folding bike with small wheels should be 25lbs or under. 6. Brakes. Disc! 7. Price. Although I complained about the pricing of my current tikit, if my next tikit came with all the above, I would pay even more. It's all about the fit, finish and final product.

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