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Tandem Two'sDay Tour - 12
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: September 25, 2000
Posted by: Nic Gellie
Email: nicgel@spirit.com.au
Satisfactory - 7 out of 10

We have taken the Tandem Two'sDay recently on a tour laden with the TravelTrailer. We found the weight of the trailer to have an impact on our climbing ability.

We also found that on a reasonable tour with more than four hours in the saddle that the stoker found her position agonisingly uncomfortable.

If we had the had choice again, we would have gone for a Traveler XL - the option was not available at the time. The bike spends most of its time unpacked and unfolded.

Also the bike does feel heavy climbing with a reasonably-laden trailer much harder and slower.

We would probably use our single bikes in preference to a laden tandem on a tour.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 9, 1999
Posted by: Jay & Cherie Guerin
Email: cguerinj@cheyenneweb.com
Living with a Two'sDay everyday

Our Two'sDay has proven to be all we wanted it to be after its first year. Our initial decision to buy a Two'sDay was based on two needs, a custom fit for my wife and I who have a ten-inch difference in height, and a travel tandem we can easily take anywhere. Thankfully, the folks at Green Gear put together a bike that really works for us.

The custom-fit and quick handling features of the Two'sDay are great. It is more responsive than our conventional tandem. We find remarks that Two'sDays are slower and take more work than other tandems are unfounded. We often fold our Two'sDay into the back of our car for take-along rides. It is quick and simple to stow.

The big success story was taking it to France for a two-week tour. We took it apart and loaded it into the two suitcases and, with lots of fitting and refitting, were able to also pack in helmets, shoes, and lots of spare parts. We checked it at the airport here and forgot about it until we picked it up at the airport there. No charge, no questions, and no lugging a monster around as on past trips with our conventional tandem. Putting the Two'sDay through a meticulous maintenance check prior to the trip paid off. We experienced absolutely no glitches... not even a flat during the entire tour.

A tip or two to would-be Two'sDay owners: Go with high-end components. The initial expense pays off in smooth workings and longevity. Mid-width tires stand up to tandem use better than narrow ones. Tires for 406 wheels are widely available. Paraffin-based lubricants inhibit chain and cable movement on long tandem drivetrains. Hoard a stash of Bike Friday-specific spare parts. Tandems require more attention to maintenance and adjustment than single bikes... based on taking care of our fleet of nine bikes.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 7, 1999
Posted by: James Robertson
Email: robertso@total.net
If it's Two'sDay, it must be France

My wife, Cynthia, and I bought our Two'sDay last Christmas, as a special gift for us. What a fantastic gift. We no longer ride our full-sized Burley. We live in Montreal, Quebec, and no one here has ever seen one like it. We are often stopped and questioned about it.

We spent five weeks in Europe last summer, mostly touring inn to inn in France, among the chateaux of the Loire Valley, and also in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The bike performed flawlessly. Many Francais heads turned and hands waved as we passed on this strange-looking red machine with a stacked trailer following behind. Shouts of "Bon courage," and "Bonne route" followed us everywhere. We had absolutely no regrets. It was so easy. Buy a few maps, pick a route, and away you go. Stop when you're tired, buy a bottle of local wine, some ripe cheese, a baguette, and life is sublime.

Thanks so much for all the support from the folks at Bike Friday. It's nice to do business with a business that strives to please its customers.

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