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Tandem Two'sDay Tour - 12
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: March 9, 2004
Posted by: David Ginder
The Santana is for sale

Hi Steve, We are DELIGHTED with our Two'sDay. The fit is perfect. It's very stable, even on serious descents. It climbs extremely well. (You'll remember from the gearing issues that we are big hill and small mountain riders.) This is tremendous! Fitting in the RV is uncertain because we're in the process of changing that too(!); I'm confident it will be equally great, though. Careful planning and all that. :-) It fits nicely into the trunk of our Civic. By the way, our Santana is for sale. Cheers, Steve. Spring is coming. Spring is coming. Spring is coming... David G.

Date: May 19, 2003
Posted by: Leif Hauge
Email: lhauge@execpc.com
Old Twosday Still Alive and kicking

I have a Two'sday I bought used, #T237? It's got V brakes, a front Arai drum brake, 3x7 rear shifter, H bars, a cheap rear shockpost. I'm using Primo Comets (1 3/8?) at 100 psi. It's been to Europe, twice, and around the Midwest, with us. Previous owner was in Australia. Have a trailer stacker setup, but haven't used it per se. We also have a BicycleRevolution trailer that we haul groceries in. I can quick-fold it in about one minute. A great feature. With some practice, it takes about 15 minutes to disassemble and 30 minutes to pack into two Carlton Airtecs, and about 30 minutes to re-assemble. A couple of pieces have gotten slightly bent from getting slammed in the corners of the suitcases by the gorillas. It's important to pad the edges and use the inserts that keep the hingy-things properly spaced. The bike is easy to fit into the suitcases, with the exception of the rear rack. The bike rides nicely. My stoker says the rear ride isn't overly bumpy. The frame flexes some when we stand up, but not excessively. I suspect that a conventional tandem might be faster, but I like the portability. I bought it used (with BF kindly serving as an escrow) so don't know about ordering. Have bought a few parts, with good response. A few problems: the headset chronically loosens, the captain's seat mast hinge creaks, the front hub cones wear out too fast, the rear chain skips off the stoker's crank periodically, the bolt clamping the stoker's stem to the captain seatpot sticks out a little too far, the horizontal bottle cages aren't very usable. That's generally minor stuff. Otherwise, it's been a great bike!

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: June 10, 2001
Posted by: Terry and Les Nobbe
Email: tandem@xprt.net

"Bounciness" in the Tandem Two'sDay frame at 85 rpm+ pedal cadance.

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