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Tandem Traveler XL - TRIPLE - 2
Date: February 12, 2001
Posted by: Alan, Debbie, and Amanda Currie
Email: currie@ghg.net
This is what we asked for

We have a Traveler XL Triple. We took ours to Hawaii last summer and rode 250 miles on the Big Island and Maui. We completely packed and re-packed twice for the trip. Also, ten times during the trip, we broke the bike down and put it in the trunk of our rental car to shuttle to the starting point of a loop ride at different locations on the islands.

Last year we took the bike to Pensacola, Fla., the Smoky Mountains around Gatlinburg, Tenn., and the Eastern Tandem Rally in Gettysburg, Penn.

As a tandem, we took the bike to Dayton, Ohio and Indianapolis, Ind. last year also, as well as Denver, Colo. over Christmas.

I usually don't have a need to convert back and forth between tandem and triplet, I usally assemble it as one or the other. The conversion only takes about 10 minutes. The only problem we had with ours was the chain drop problem, and we solved it with Hanz's help by converting to a full crossover drive system. It has worked well for us. There may be other solutions, but this is what I asked for, and Bike Friday obliged.

Our middle stoker is now 56 inches tall and 80 pounds. I have a write up on our Hawaii trip at http://www.ghg.net/currie/hawaii/hawaii.htm

After we got back, Grandma Currie asked Amanda what her most favorite part of her vacation was, and the answer: riding the bike.

I love to talk and tell people about our bike, so send me a note if you'd like more info.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 7, 1999
Posted by: Louis & Lyn Shiraishi
Email: celestekns@earthlink.net
Quality triple at affordable price

My wife and I bought our first tandem (another brand) 2-1/2 years ago and have been enthusiastic double bikers ever since. However, about a year ago, we started looking around for a triple to allow our daughter to ride with us. Nothing we found was in our price range until early this year when the Bike Friday Family Triple was announced. An extended conversation with a very helpful marketing rep had me convinced. We received our Family Triple in June (which we've been told was the first one off the production line) and have been more than pleased ever since. So much so that I've been seriously considering selling our old tandem to finance another Bike Friday purchase.

As you would expect the turning circle is much larger than a single bike but not as large as many of our friends predicted. Slow speed handling takes some getting used to but once up to speed I really can't tell the difference between our tandem and the Bike Friday triple. Now that we've been riding the triple for a while even the slow speed handling isn't a problem.

Assembly took a while the first time but once you get the hang of it, it can be taken down or reassembled in no time at all.

Besides being fun to ride you will attract all kinds of attention. We thought we attracted a lot of attention on our tandem but on the triple it's like a circus. Single bikers will tag a long and ask questions. Fathers will turn their auto right around and follow and point us out to their children. And we get more waves and grins then we can count. But watch out for the dogs -- for some reason dogs think we're strange and insist on barking.

Happy biking, Louis and Lyn