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Tandem Traveler XL - 8
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Date: August 28, 2003
Posted by: Chris Chambers
Email: chris.chambers@sf.frb.org
Fastest suitcase I ever rode

My wife and I first heard about Bike Friday about two years ago, and after a test ride of a couple of models, I was hooked. After some research, and some saving, we finally placed our order for a Traveler XL. I specifically wanted a sport tuned tandem that was stiffer than the folding models. I weigh quite a bit more than the average bike industry expects to ride their bikes, and when I saw that a 240+ rider can get on the XL I was very pleased. We picked up the bike, and after a bit of patient coaching from the Bike Friday staff, we had the bike in the suitcases, and we were on our way home. Our first ride was simple, we put our two kids into our Burley DeLite and went for about ten miles, then back to the house, dropped the wife and kids off and I went on for another ten miles. The tandem XL is quick to accelerate, and very nimble. The light weight is nice when I am towing the family, or just on it by myself, and the easy step over height is wonderful for getting on and off. The staff at Bike Friday has been helpful and accessible. Thanks Bike Friday!

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: September 14, 2000
Posted by: Jeff Singleton
Email: jsingleton@kaz.com
Kids love coming along on the XL.

Frustrated at being left out of group rides with the fun-loving adults, my 8-year-old daughter demanded a solution. Road bike? Trailer? Boarding school?

My goal was simple: find a lightweight tandem which would let me (a fairly strong rider, 5'11", 145lbs) take my daughter (4'4", 60lbs) on 20-30 mile rides maintaining 18-22mph. Rejecting tempting solutions from Santana, Cannondale and Burley as way too expensive or too heavy, I remembered Bike Friday and discovered the 34 lb. XL.

My XL arrived on time, configured exactly as I requested. There were no assembly instructions in the carton, however, and at 8:00pm that evening the carefully wrapped pile of tubes and cables seemed intimidating. But by 11:00pm, I had constructed something that could be pedaled with gears that shifted and brakes which braked.

The performance of the XL has exceeded my expectations. In our hilly surroundings, my daughter and I fly down the hills, cruise the flats and climb with determination. Next summer, Italy!

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