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Pocket Sport - 2
Overall Experience Rating:
Date: June 7, 2012
Posted by: James Ralston
Posted by: Jim Ralston
Always Have a Bike

I'm retired and travel a lot, much of it by pickup truck. I can travel with my dog and it is much less expensive than flying. I have the time to drive.

When I travel or visit friends in other towns I always take my Pocket Sport so that I can get in a ride if I have any time. I have dual sided pedals so it I have my SPD shoes I ride in them and if not I ride in whatever I'm wearing.

This is the easiest to pack and use, and easiest to bring along of any of the 8 bikes that I own.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: August 17, 2009
Posted by: Nick Day
Fantastic folder that gives a truly great ride

I bought the Pocket sport to replace my road bike. I live in a small house and need the fold to store the bike indoors. Initially I was worried about the budget component spec but because I was buying in the UK and had to factor in the import costs and shipping I went for the Pocket Sport instead of the more pricey Pocket Rocket, however I was not disappointed. This bike is one of the best set up I've ever had. My plan was to upgrade the budget group set when money allowed but the bike rides and functions so well I've decided to leave this till components wear out. I do a 24 mile round trip to work on footpath, tow path and road. The sport handles all this and still delivers a really comfortable ride. My only quibble is the saddle which is quite big and soft. I have a narrow pelvis so this didn't really work for me and I swopped it out for a Selle XO Transam. All round this is a really well considered and nicely built machine. Worth every penny.