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Pocket Rocket Pro - 27
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: October 31, 2003
Posted by: John Halamka
Email: jhalamka@caregroup.harvard.edu
Just what the Doctor ordered!

Please pass on my thanks to Alan, Hanz and the Bike Friday staff for the wonderful experience I had taking my Pocket Rocket Pro throughout England last week. I lectured at Oxford, then rode the Cotswalds. I lectured in Parliament/House of Lords and rode London. I lectured at Cambridge, then rode 150 miles around the entire coast of East Anglia from Cambridge to Norwich. This trip would not have been possible without the unique ability of a Bike Friday to fit in a suitcase, fit in bag on a train, and perform like a regular high end racing/light touring machine. Everything functioned flawlessly. I'll send pictures when they are developed of my cycling 1000 year old bridges, exquisite churches, roman roads and the English Countryside in Fall. I'm impressed! John

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: October 19, 2003
Posted by: Scott Patrick
Email: s.patrick@shaw.ca
My bike is fast, handles great, and I love it!

My Blue Pocket Rocket Pro arrived a few days earlier than promised - a sign of the great service I have received. After a few rides with the fit stem I sent it back to receive my custom stem. The stem arrived earlier than promised too! The bike fit is bang on. The ride is firm but not as firm as you think. The frame is very well made and absorbs road vibrations well. I forget what bike I am on when I ride hard. With about 500 km on my bike since it arrived a month ago I can say that it is fast and rides very well. I took the PRP to Hamilton for the World Road Championships. I rode about 22 km each way to and from the race throughout the week. No hassles with parking and the ride after watching my heroes each day was a lot of fun. Flying with the bike is easy. Less than 15 minutes to unpack and less than 10 to pack. It is very easy if you practise a couple of times before you fly. My other road bike is a Giant TCR 1 which is fast, firm, and climbs well. Without a doubt my PRP climbs better. The smaller wheels jump when you stand up and hammer it. The gearing with the Capreo cassette allows me to run a 39/53 ring set up for great shifts. This also allows me to have a very wide range of gearing - handy for towing the loaded-up suitcase for trips yet the equivalent to my 12 cog on my other road bike for tail winds and descents. I bought the bike to train with when I travel (weekly) but now see it as a means to do some light touring, see cities from the best angles (on a bike), and keep my away from room service and a TV. I have passed a few guys on "regular" road bikes. When they ask how it rides I say "great". Then I shift and let them see how it accelerates. I originally thought it was slightly slower on down hills. I am not so sure now. With no top tube I can get very low and compact for my aero tuck. At 75 kph the bike is steady. The wheelbase (hub to hub) is actually 1.25 inches longer then my Giant. The handling is quick when you want it to be but the stability is very good. I love this bike. I have always said the best bike is the one you are riding. After a day of work, away from home, nothing makes me feel better than knowing I can go ride for an hour or two. We are going to be in Europe for a month next year. My wife is now considering a Pilot or Crusoe. Too many sweet rides to do alone. Thanks to Peter Berra and the whole crew at Bike Friday. This is the first bike I have from you. It won't be the last.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: July 7, 2003
Posted by: Mark Greenleaf
Email: marksgreenleaf@cs.com
Bike Friday versus your favorite road bike

Before I bought a Pocket Rocket Pro, I tried to find testimonials regarding how owners compared Bike Fridays with their best road bike. I was interested in buying another bike (one of my favorite pastimes), but didn't want just another typical diamond frame version. But, I wasn't drawn as much by the foldability of the Fridays as I was by the performance aspects. Most, if not all, reviews extolled the portability of the Friday, and the "good" performance, but no one seemed compelled to actually compare their Friday against their "normal" road bike. Well, I can say, after several hundred miles on my Pocket Rocket Pro, that this bike out-performs both my Merlin Road bike, and my short wheel-base recumbent. The lateral stiffness of the "squashed" frame, and the stiffness of the small wheels result in noticeable acceleration improvements over a standard diamond frame. My fears about the "whip" of the long seat and stem tubes were unfounded. I would recommend this bike to anyone as a replacement, or alternative, to a good diamond frame bike. I frequently ride with groups, and have no trouble keeping up (usually I'm in front). And the 7 inch shorter length can come in handy. My only criticisms of the bike are: - the foldable joints creak a bit, especially in humid weather (but not too excessively), and - you would think that Friday would have some way of protecting the paint in areas that contact each other or the ground during or after the bike is folded. Seems like something Friday could work on.

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