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Pocket Rocket Pro - 22
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: November 30, 2004
Posted by: Paul Lieber
Ride characteristics are superb

Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my new Pocket Rocket Pro. This is my third Bike Friday as I have owned a Pocket Rocket vintage 1996 and an Air Friday circa 2000. To me, this is the best Bike Friday of all. The ride characteristics are superb. The bike is extremely well balanced and lively. It has none of the harshness of my 1996 Pocket Rocket. You've managed to make this bike truly approximate the feel of some of the full size bikes that I own and some of them are touted to be among the best. Before, on my previous Bike Fridays, I could feel a big difference in ride characteristics, but with my new Pocket Rocket Pro you have appreciably closed that gap. The build out was first rate and the changes in frame design, though subtle really made a difference in the ease of packing and I suspect in the overall ride performance, as well. The new wheel and tire combination are amazing, lending to an overall feeling of stability and agility. Finally, not unlike my frame, the weight loss on the Pocket Rocket Pro is much appreciated and goes a long way towards making this the best Bike Friday yet. You guys are to be congratulated for all your hard work and well thought out research leading to a job very well done.

Date: November 22, 2004
Posted by: Tim Rygg
Email: timrygg@austin.rr.com
What a great way to see the country

I've had my Pocket Rocket Pro for over a year now and taken it to Hawaii and climbed the volcano in Maui, I took it from San Francisco to San Diego, I've gone from Coronodo Island in San Diego to Mexico, and around the St. Croix Valley in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is so easy to travel with, and such a great ride, I can take it for any quick trip. It packs really easy and without the surcharge for a regular bike, I can take it anytime I travel. I think next year when I go to Colorado, I am leaving my Litespeed behind and will climb the Rockies with my Pocket Rocket Pro - the gearing is better at both the low end and faster for faster flat riding.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: March 19, 2004
Posted by: John Farle
Faster than my Cannondale

This weekend I took the Friday out for both club rides. For the first time in nearly two years, I pacelined with the advanced group (at least for a while). We were smoking along at 30-31 mph and I haven't come close to that in quite a while. This little bike is FAST! It may be a little in my head, too, but I know there's something about the bike that has me going faster than my Cannondale. I even commuted (48.5 miles roundtrip) to work on it yesterday (Monday). My average speed was the best of any commute so far this year. Again, there's something about that bike!! I'm going to do my first century ride of the year on it in two weeks. Its one of the four rides sponsored by Perimeter Bicycle Club who puts on El Tour de Tucson. After that, I'll send in the handle bar stem and hopefully get it back FAST. I have a feeling I'm not going to like going back to the Cannondale while waiting for the one-piece to return. Again, thanks for working with me on this and a HUGE thanks for loaning me the Air Friday while I was up there on vacation. That REALLY sealed the deal on my Pocket Rocket Pro. I look forward to my next trip to the N.W. and hopefully riding with your noon group. Hopefully, you ride it year round even after the rain begins to fall. I've got some pretty good rain gear even though I don't get much of a chance to use it down here!! :-) Take Care, John

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