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Pocket Rocket Pro - 27
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 28, 2006
Posted by: Matthew Smith
Email: mtgsmith@hotmail.com
Light and fast--it's now my favourite bike!

I've now had my Pocket Rocket Pro for almost a year, and am very pleased with it. It has become my favourite bike, as many others have reported. Warned by many that smaller wheels give a bumpier, uncomfortable ride, I ordered a Thudbuster. It might add more weight to a very light and tight road bike, but I think well worth it. It's hard in Sydney (Australia) to test-ride a Bike Friday, but as part of my market survey, I managed to test-ride two other bikes with small wheels--with and without the Thudbuster. The difference was enormous, and hence I now have a Thudbuster! I had thought about the Air Friday instead, but the quicker, easier folding of the Pocket Rocket Pro won out in the end. Peter Berra was a great help, walking me through the ordering (and over-the-phone-and-email fitting) process with ease. He was very good at turning my non-technical and non-mechanical requests into reality! I've ridden several thousand kilometres already on this bike and several long-ish rides (150+ km). It's a very comfortable ride and a nice, fast machine! It won't be my last Bike Friday and probably won't be the only one in the house for too long! Cannot praise the service highly enough. It's _the_ reason I kept coming back to Bike Friday, when I was researching travelling with bikes, and it is one of the main reasons I continue to recommend Bike Fridays.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: March 12, 2006
Posted by:
Posted by: PR Pro Owner
The ideal realized!

Shortly before Christmas I receive my Single Speed Citrus (orange) Flyer Pocket Rocket Pro. My intention was to escape the cold winters of Ohio to vacation with a bicycle in Florida. The bike was everything I hoped for. The ordering was fun as everything is made to order. The sizing was perfect. The quality and design leave no complaints. The bike weighs in at 19#, rides very close to my full size road bike, and went through luggage check in without any problems. I love the ss (single speed). S i m p l e, and I'm surprised how unecessary it is to shift so frequently while riding. While the BF is probably more expensive than other folding choices out there, the sizing, customization, design, and service place this product in a catagory of its own. The bike is a highly refined specialty purpose machine. I look forward to many years of riding and traveling with my new companion!

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: March 7, 2006
Posted by: Jeff Spencer
Email: Jeff@JeffSpencer.com
Is it possible to build a better bike?

I just got back from my inaugural weekend trip with my new Pocket Rocket Pro. What a bike! Just luggage check the bike, put it together and ride away. Sooooo easy. In contrast to my Air Friday the PR was a lot easier to put together and repack because of the collapsible seat tube and rear section that use a quick release with fewer detachable parts. Other features I was impressed by were the absolutely silent drivetrain, comprehensive tool kit, room for a complete set of riding gear in the suitcase, protective frame tubing system, chain securing system when the bike is packed, absolute accuracy of position duplication of my 27" wheel road bike, frame paint quality, full transfer of power from my foot into the pedals and precise shifting capacity of the Dura Ace groupo. Literally, I can't think of a detail that hasn''t been addressed. My question is it possible to build a better bike? If you do put me at the front of the line to get one. Thanks and I'm looking forward to my next trip.

Jeff Spencer is a former pro racer, Olympian and Lance Armsrong's Chiropracter. Read about Jeff and his Friday here

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